06 July 2009

The 33rd Milo Marathon. Maybe on 34th?

Last July 05, 2009, the 33rd Milo Marathon was held in Metro Manila. The longest running event here on this side of the planet. There are few available reports which you can read from Sir Jovie http://baldrunner.com/ and Ronnie of http://runnerforchrist.wordpress.com/. Vener of http://rununlimited.blogspot.com/ , Jay of http://prometheuscometh.wordpress.com/ and Dindo of http://runningdatcom.wordpress.com/ have yet to post their news. Sir Willy of http://pinoyultrarunners.multiply.com/like Ronnie , who just finished Botak 100k a week ago, did signify his intention to run. I wonder what happened.

I have yet to qualify for Milo and this year, I wanted to do so except the last weekend was alloted for the 7th birthday of my son. You know how it goes during parties. Food and booze galore even until wee hours in the morning. Obviously, too tired to race last Sunday and finish it under 4 hours the 42K. I did not want to make fun of myself out there. As Billy the Dude of Team Clark used to say to all and sundry: Respect the distance.

To those who ran the 33rd Milo Marathon, congratulations!

I will try to join the 34th edition. The operative word being "try". :)

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  1. Yes we must respect the distance, a 42k is also a big monster to deal with. We missed you last Sunday but I know you'll bounce back!

    God bless.