10 July 2009


I'll get to see some of the PUR dudes and dudettes again and perhaps, we can have a blast after Running Aid. Of course, the new runners who are curious and want to start the right way. Running Aid is the longest seminar/orientation on running to date and its free!

Check this out: http://pinoyultrarunners.multiply.com/journal/item/92/Running_Aid

"The Running Aid clinic is finally back this July 16, 7pm at R.O.X. Fort Bonifacio. Orthopedic doctor and Pinoy Ultra Runner Paolo Punsalan, will lecture on Running form and technique. While endurance athlete and Second Wind owner Hector Yuzon will discuss anatomy and choosing the right running shoes. A worthwhile and packed lecture, runners should not miss. Admission is free, please register at pinoyultrarunners@yahoo.com, this event is sponsored by R.O.X., The North Face, Pocari Sweat, Botak and Second Wind. Hope to see you there."

Now, if I could only learn how to copy and paste the poster. Hmm.

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