03 November 2009

COMRADES did not observe Halloween

Incredible and it was fast! No, it is not a runner chasing a course record.

Comrades Marathon registration is closed for novice! The slot of 5,000 was taken within 27 hours on November 01, 2009 while most of us were perhaps at the cemetery to visit our loved ones or travelling thereto. By golly, I could not babysit my PC just to make sure there were more slots open. To think, we have a life to live.

Anyway, this perhaps augurs well for something more exciting, longer and harder race in 2010. I wonder what race to replace Comrades with? 100 miler, multi-day or 24-48hour?

"Entries for the first phase of the 2010 Comrades Marathon officially closed on 27 October 2009 as the 15,000 entries was reached.

Entries for the second phase opened on Sunday, 1 November at 09h00 and within 27 hours the CMA received the targeted 5,000 entries for Novice Runners. As a result entries for the 2010 Comrades Marathon is now officially closed.

No late entries will be accepted and no correspondence will be entered into."

That being said, we at Clark have something up our sleeve and it will be perhaps one of its kind in the Philippines. More details later on. 2010 will be an exciting year for us runners and ultrarunners!



  1. Clark 2010, yehey!

    - Dindo

  2. sali ako dito sa raket ng team clark ha.


  3. too bad for the comrades! somebody is sponsoring me to join the 2010 edition but i could wait for the next downhill course on 2012..hehehe! yes, i heard clark marathon is coming back!

  4. It ain't Clark Marathon which is still in the planning stage. I think February but don't quote me on this one. I am no longer part of it.

    I hope our project pushes through. Hint: It is ultrarunning...(of course!) :)

  5. Jon, if you were willing to travel for a 52-mile race you should travel here for a 100-mile race. Think of it this way more miles for your peso!