03 December 2009

FAT ASS - 6 hour event now included and additional details

Some runners requested for a 6-hour category and so...

6-HOUR FAT ASS RUNNERS: They will start at 2AM of Sunday, 10 January 2010 in clockwise direction.

DIRECTION & LOOP: Start of the run for 24-hour runners will be counterclockwise and every 6 hours, runners will have to reverse their loop to avoid overuse injuries. Runners joining the 18, 12 hour and 6 hour runs, will be in clockwise, counterclockwise and clockwise directions, respectively. In this way, all runners will be going the same direction and can pace or keep each other company. Again, this is just a suggestion as runners can choose to run in any direction they see fit.

COLOR CODING: All runners will be color-coded or any other form of identification based on their category.

PICNIC GROUND: There is a public picnic-children ground (with toilet) across the Parade Ground where runners and/or their crew can camp and, ahem, hold BBQ and beer party. But do not quote me on this :)

Hopefully, runners can pool their resources together or sponsors will come forward for our finisher shirts and logistics.

If you finish this run and somebody call you "fat ass", you have every reason to be proud :)



  1. Okay questions; will there be cheerleaders to keep runners inspired, bbq party with lots of food to keep up the strength of cheerleaders and spectators, lots coffee to keep the 24 runners up, bullhorns and heckling to keep the runners motivated. I'll be back with more questions later.

  2. I don't know how to react. Haha. Pretty ideal situation for a fat ass run. Let us see what we can do. Thanks for the inputs which coming from a seasoned runner are most welcome.

  3. By the way I've never done a time event. Only crazy people do that:)

  4. All joking aside the merrier it is at race central the better for the runners going 12 to 24 hours. At San Francisco One Day, the race directors had scheduled people to help out throughout the day. Some came in the morning, some came in the afternoon and some in the evening. Now I understand this is a FatAss event but you could schedule friends the same way. If everyone comes at the same time then most likely everyone will leave at the same time. It's really important to have some people at night because not only will the runners be tired by then but darkness just makes things even harder - the distance seems longer and sleeping becomes more attractive by the kilometer. The dark isolates and makes minor things a bigger deal than they are. This is why usually in a really long race the coming of a new day seems to invigorate runners, give them their second wind even without caffeine.

  5. We will definitely schedule friends so that there will be more of them during the night. I understand that some friends of runners will be there to pace and/or crew them. This should help alot.

    The time and effort runners,friends, pacers and crew will put in this event are basically gratis and for the love of the sport.

    Thank you so much for your suggestions.