19 April 2010


We have been enjoying climbing these past few weeks considering how unforgiving the weather lately. It is cool, relaxing and peaceful up in the mountain not to mention invigorating although challenging. Something about Nature - it gives you energy. Anyway, it sure beats climbing stairs up to 30th or so floor and back just to get in that much-needed training for ultra. Above all, it is basically FREE and one hell of a good time to spend with friends during weekends.

So on 11 April, we decided to climb the nearest mountain to our place - Mt. Arayat. Jerry, Ed, Rei, Darwin and other friends joined us. It was fun. After staying for 10-15 mins at the peak, I had to bid my friends adieu and had go down to make it on time for an appointment. Made it in 3:06 for a 10KM climb all in all. I even got lost on the way down which lends credence to the urban legend or myth which tells of people getting lost in that mountain. Maybe I should have just turned my shirt inside out to find my way back in. I know some of you have heard it before. Oh well, let us not get into that now.  

Just yesterday (18 April), we climbed Mt. Natib in Orani, Bataan- 1 or so hours of drive from Clark. That place is cool... literally. A stark contrast of how hot it is in lowlands. Beautiful place. The trail is well-established, weather is fantastic and the view is breathtaking. Above all, no garbage (except for tissue papers at the peak for those needing to "unload") not like in Mt. Arayat. Together with Jerry, Ed and Rei, we started our climb around 6:30AM. 4 hours of relaxed pace for a 12.5KM climb was rewarding and reinvigorating.  

Alright, it is time to taper for TNF100k in Baguio City next weekend. No racing for me this time unless a rabid dog starts chasing me down :) 


Jon (desperately needing a pair of minimalist trail shoes ... again)

There was no cellsite the last time we went here. Mountaineers from Palawan.

View from the top

Too bad. Grabage at its base.

Ed, Jerry and Rei


fantastic view

cloud on the background

great view

No, it wasn't about to rain. Cold, brrr.

loose rocks

Climbers will be greeted by this post at the peak

Thick cloud


  1. Another one good piece from you, Jon, and the pics are awesome. Maybe getting lost was because you're in a hurry, but you should really have turned your shirt inside out, that works (hahaha!)

    Good luck on the tnf.

  2. I've been trying to sell BR the idea of using the Natib trail for an offroad ultra-marathon, starting from Bong Pineda's cock farm. Just before the summit assault there is a trail that leads to the west coast of the Bataan peninsula, about six hours away according to locals.