27 May 2010

What is your next race?

It has been a while since I made an entry here. After the PAU 50K run, things seemed to have been mundane or floating. Nothing complicated or problematic but nothing exciting either. Perhaps a brief race report on PAU 50K would suffice.

Alright, my interest is piqued again for the upcoming 34th Milo Elimination on 04 July 2010. Finally, something worthwhile to look forward to! Honestly, I have not qualified for this race (although I have run the short distances in the past) and it is an entry in my running goals that needs to be stamped with "DONE!" aside from the obvious 100-miler!

Speaking of 100-mile race on this side of the planet, I heard from the grape vine that one is in the making soon. Crossing my fingers.

I am thus back to marathon training again and my limited understanding tells me to come under 4 hours to qualify for the Milo National Finals on 12 December 2010 which schedule runs in conflict with the Team Clark- hosted run at Clark Freeport Zone. But that is another story. By the way, a few months to go for the 2nd edition of Fat Ass Run happening on 8-9 January 2011.

What races to join after Milo are something that can wait. Hopefully, better and longer races to join this year.

What are your next races?



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