12 November 2010


It is exactly 11AM here at Sydney and Don I just woke up just in time for our travel. The race venue is around 200kms from where we are. We were told that we have to allot at least 2 hours and 15 minutes for it. That is like going to Pangasinan I reckon. All I know Baguio is around 250kms.

Since we arrived here, we had been touring the city and surrounding area. This is sort of violating the rule that we must have time off our feet days before the race. We figured the sightseeing is a good replacement for light running.

GNW100 race will start at 6AM local time here but we have to be there on or before 4:30AM on Saturday. My good friends here have reserved a room in a nearby hotel so that will help us a lot. We will be leaving in a few hours. In the meantime, I have to drop by in a supermarket to purchase my race fuel which is primarily Snickers. My regret is that I failed to buy my stock in the Philippines before we left. It is pretty expensive here.

Right now, Don and I have been feeling the jitters and rightly so. The actual distance is 173KMS and no matter how we break it down by checkpoints, the race is still overwhelming. The cut-off is merely 36 hours. 

I have asked people very close to me to send in their prayers both for me and Don. Thanks to BR, Isko and others who have wished us luck. I have been sick worried how my right ankle will behave during the race since I had an unfortunate minor sprain last Monday at my office.   

We realized that another Filipino will be sharing our agony come this weekend and it will be Pacquio. His victory is ours as well. Our success during the race will be a victory for the Filipino running community. Don and I are the only Filipinos/Asian running this race.

Please send in your prayers for a successful race. Despite the several 100KM races in the past and no matter how we look at it, this race is probably us biting more than we can chew.


Jon (nervous that he is not nervous) 


  1. Hey AJ,

    Good luck to you and Don. Rock en run!


  2. Good luck Attorney Jon!

    I will pray for you and Don. Stay safe. You guys make us proud (together with Manny P.)! =)

  3. while the whole Team BR is in Tagaytay City, we are praying for your safe and injury-free finish. we are confident that you will be able to finish the race within the cut-off time.