03 January 2011


Happy New Year, folks!

This year seems to bring a lot of energy and new goals for the runners. Time to chart your own destiny.

FAT ASS IS FULL AND ... LIVE!!! (Think of  the UFC announcer when you read - "LIVE!!!" :)

Yup, 160 runners in total! This could be the biggest FAT ASS ever not only here but perhaps in other countries as well. Cool! Perhaps, some of you can check this out. Anyway, this is the maximum number of runners we can allow since we anticipate that there will be no starters on the day itself.

You can find the final list below. There are other equally important details after the final list. So please make sure to read those as well. At the outset, we would like to thank Mina of Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper and Isko for free print exposure. You can read the details below. We will also post the additional guidelines if needed in the next few days. So check this blog regularly. No worries, there are no substantial changes except on start times which are:

               24 hours - 6AM of 8 January 2011
              12 hours -  6AM or 6PM, 8 January 2011
               6 hours   - 6AM, 12 noon of 8 January or 12 midnight of 9 January 2011

All other guidelines stand and can be found here. Please take note of the important details on how to make your loops counted and official, color-coded bib, food, drinks, donations, etc. Please remember that this is not just a training run for you. This is also a social event among us runners. A convention or reunion of some sort. So wear that name tag to get to know each other at least by name and experience the wonderful camaraderie we had last year.  Even the utility personnel we hired for the event will also wear such tag. It is as simple as that folks. Some might find this corny or unnecessary. I don't know but what we do know  this is not a race. So all pre-concieved notions or comparisons of FAT ASS to a race are entirely inapplicable. So having said that, we will enforce the no-bib/no-name-tag, no-run policy.  Remember your list number corresponds to your BIB number which is color-coded. As posted before, runners will make their own bib number in 8x8  white background material. Only the numbers are color-coded.

All those who posted their email addresses will also receive official notifications and an e-file of the FAT ASS waiver. Some runners do not have or did not post their email address. If you know them, kindly share with them this information. So all you have to do is submit the waiver before running. Easy and no frills. Also, we are working on how to get discounts for runners from the hotels inside Clark. Wish us luck on the latter. Let us know if there are corrections, if any, on the final list.  

Just an unofficial weather forecast during the event. It is unusually cold the past few days and nights which is ideal for running. The temperature both during the day and night is just perfect. Translation: longer distance. So plan your gear accordingly.

Jon and Don


(49 males and 10 females)

Bib No./Runners
1. Christian Paul Flores Forbes - “Wap”
2. Paolo Osmena - “P”
3. Alfonso Viado Jr. - “Al”
4. Norberto Mortel - “Trudis L”
5. Marlin Marilag - “Mar”
6. John Frederick Abenina - “Jeff”
7. Marcos Lontoc - “Mccoy”
8. Alexander Jones - "Alex" 
9. Frederick Gabriel - “Gab”
10. Joey Baladad - “Joey”
11. Edwin Rara - “Edwin”
12. Albert Salazar - "Albert"
13. Joseph Adrien B. Soriao - “Joen”
14. Jose Arturo Virata - “Xcalibr”
15. Yan Dizon - “Yan” (F)
16. Ronald Rei C. Declarador - "Ronald"
17. Francisco S. Lapira Jr. - “Isko”
18. Armando Fernando - “Arman”
19. Cristina Narvaez - “Tina” (F)
20. Odessa Coral - “Dess” (F)
21. Jael Wenceslao - “Wency” (might go for 12 hours)
22. Gabriel V Tuason - “Gabo”
23. Wilfred M Parcon Jr - “Dong”
24. Manuel Macrohon – “Mac”
25. Florimon Bernardo - “Bojo”
26. Edgar A De Jesus - “DJ”
27. Ricardo I. Cabusao Jr. - “Rico”
28. Albert Henson - “Abet”
29. Adelfo Bernadez - “Bong”
30. Eugene Tariaga - “Eugene”
31. Mylene Buenafe - “Mye” (F)
32. George Dolores - “George”
33. Imee Abenina - “Imee” (F)
34. Ma. Teresa Salas - “Tess” (F)
35. Sherwin Tommy P. Botabara - “__”
36. Noel A. Hernandez - “Wecky”
37. Enrico Tocol - “Rico”
38. Francis Andrew Santiago - "Kidoy"
39. Vincent Lorenze Ocampo - “Bookie”
40. Paul Amerigo B Pajo Jr. II – “Paul”
41. Francis Gopez – “Kiko”
42. Edilberto M. Yonzon -"Ed"
43. Jonel Mendoza - "Jonel"
44. Ramoncito M. Carreon - "Chito"
45. Charisse Aimmie V. Nicart - "Cha" (F)
46. Patrick Winceth Alcomendas - "B"
47. Jose Maria Galauran - "Joma"
48. Jeffrey Avellanosa - "Jepoy"
49. Cesar Abarientos - "__"
50. Marco Christopher Montaos - "docT"
51. Ronaldo Sulapas - "Ron"
52. Vic Viola - "Vic"
53. Philippe Arenillo - "Philippe"
54. Carlo W Nobleza - "Caloy"
55. Jack Marcos - "__"
56. Rose Constantino - "__" (F)
57. Raiza Tulan - "Raiza" (F)
58. Moji de Luna - "__"
59. Joyce Cuyugan - "__" (F)
60. Ronnie De lara - "__"

(57 total: 34 males and 23 females)
Bib No./Runners
1. Jonnifer M. Lacanlale - "Jon"
150. Don Don Mari S. Ubaldo – “Don" (His number which is a privilege as organizer I reckon :)
3. Rene Andrei Q. Saguisag – “Rebo”
4. Jackie c. Saguisag – “Jackie” (F)
5. “Ana Teresa Cornejo-Tomacruz - “Nangnang” (F)
6. Manuel Gerard C. Tomacruz - “Gerard”
7. Jovenal D. Narcise - “Jovie/Baldrunner”
8. Paolo Tambo - “Paolo”
9. Ronalyn Provido - “Ronnie”
10. Cindy Sevilla - “Cindy” (F)
11. Juvy Pagtalunan - “Jhuvy” (F)
12. Joy Vargas - “Joy” (F)
13. Junar Layug (might go for 24 hours) - “JJ”
14. Reynaldo M. Jimenez - “Rey”
15. Earl Romulo S. Quero Jr. - “Lolo”
16. Jason de la Rama - “Jay”
17. Bong Suarez - “Bong”
18. Gary Chua - “Gary”
19. Shiina Estoesta - “Ina” (F)
20. Irene Ong – “Irene” (F)
21. Aileen Piacos – “Aileen” (F)
22. May Angela M. Pelayo – “Maya” (F)
23. Kenneth Reyes - “Ken”
24. Mario Reyes – “ Mario”
25. Julie Perez – “Dyule” (F)
26. Jason Masayon – “Jason”
27. Bernard Dadulla Jr. – “Dal”
28. Jerome Lagumbay – “Black”
29. David A. Buban – “Dave”
30. Rain Ordonez – “Cerealkiller"
31. Jose Lorenzo Mina, Jr. - "Toto"
32. Priscila Hernandez - "Precy" (F)
33. Vener F. Roldan - "Vener"
34. Francis F. Coles - "Soi"
35. Susan D. Jael - "Susan" (F)
36. Camilla Brooks - "Camilla" (F)
37. Jeric V. Estabillo - "Jeric"
38. Charlie Chua - "___"
39. Abell Jim Ngo - "___"
49. Myla Go - "Bea" (F)
50. Leo Tugalde - "Toel" 
52. Melvin Pangan "Mel"
53. Ann Kessel Que "kessel" (F)
54. Jean Guiao - "Jean" (F)
55A. Andre Josh Guiao "Tsok Tsok"
56A. Arjohn B. Elumba - "Arj"
55. Princess Duterte - "Cess" (F)
56. Arnel D Cupon Jr - "Arnel"
57. Diana Grace Coles-Cupon - "Diane" (F)
58. Siosan Baysa – “Siosan” (F)
59. Mari Grace Maligaya - "Mayi" (F)
60. Rodel Argo Cuaton - "Argo"
61. Princess Duterte - "Cess" (F)
62. Therese Jael - "Reese" (F)
63. Nova Rica Anonuevo - "Rica" (F)
64. Jessie F. Agoo - "Jess"

(20 males  and 15 females)
Bib No./Runners
1. Raul D. Villaverde, II – “Buboy”
2. Carolyn Reyno - “Carrey” (F)
3. Mark Romeo Galvez - “Mark”
4. Jenny Rose Santos – “Jhen” (F)
5. Raul Tapia - “Bey”
6. Marcelino Tomas - “Marc”
7. Rene J. Miranda - “Rene”
8. Ma. Teresa T. Miranda - “Tess” (F)
9. Simon Pavel T. Miranda - “Simon”
10. Reuben Raphael T. Miranda - “Beng”
11. Marianne Enrique – “Maan” (F)
12. Rona Dizon - “Rona” (F)
13. Rommel V. Caguioa - “Borj”
14. Dr. Jonathan Pineda "JonP"
15. Arlene Benita Divinagracia - "Ivy" (F)
16. Darwin Yap - "Darwin"
17. Hernando Mateo Jr. - "Ogie"
18. Angeli Salas - "Angie" (F)
19. Francis Buan - "Matinik"
20. Benjamin G. Morales - "JB"
21. Homer Angeles - "Homer"
22. Alekhine Guzman - "Ali"
23. Angelito Roel Espanola - "Ace"
24. Leslie T. Evangelista - "Lelay" (F)
25. Rey Hernandez - "Rey"
26. Shiela Antiga - "Shiela" (F)
27. Ma. Katrina T Pajarillo - "Kassy" (F)
28. Eduardo R. Canlas Jr. - "Ed"
29. Christine Ferrera - "Tin" (F)
30. Jose Mari Javier - "Mari"
31. Craig Logan - "__"
32. Michelle Logan - "__" (F)
33. Pratim Bhattacharya - "__"
34. Anupriya Kapur - "Anu" (F)

35. Apple Ticsay - "__" (F)
36. Rhonna Rosales - "Rhonna" (F)


On behalf the organizers, supporters and runners of FAT ASS, we would like to express our gratitude to ROMINA "Mina" AUSTRIA of PDI and ISKO LAPIRA, JR. for making this possible. FAT ASS announcement made it again to page A15 of the Philippine Daily Inquirer last 01 January 2011. What a way to start 2011. Thank you again.


Deadline to order FAT ASS shirt has already expired which was midnight of 02 January 2011. To those who are still interested but failed to order, there is still hope. The supplier has expressed a keen interest on selling extra shirts during FAT ASS. Only orders separately made in these blog sections here and here and in their respective Comment and through email and phone will be counted.  


I was in Cavite over the weekend where the weather was a little cold for running. Unbelievable traffic snarl along the Tagaytay highway during the morning of 01 January, 2011. That was the first time I saw such traffic condition after running that route several times and there was no way of knowing in advance. Tempo running (21k) from Bag of Beans, past the rotonda and all the way just a little past the intersection to Sta. Rosa and back, I must have inhaled all the car exhaust. Good thing it was windy. I survived all the stares from drivers and passengers who might have thought me as one crazy runner. One jeep almost hit me. Whew. That was because I was not paying attention. No worries since it is all part of my training as well. Running in clean environment always like in Clark may not do well during BDM since one's body has to be exposed to (little) traffic smog and conditions to adjust accordingly. Believe it, runners will have to learn to share the road with "mechanized" runners (cars, jeeps, buses, trucks, etc.). I know it sounds crazy but that is my take on it.

See you this weekend!

Cheers again,

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