21 September 2011

UTMB Statistics and Simon's Race Report

Here is the link to Simon's account of 2011 UTMB. Incisive and personal. Enjoy -

Below is what I saw in my email today. Link: http://www.ultratrailmb.com/documents/Newsletters/Letters/apres_course_EN.html .
With that distance and elevation gain, no wonder our quads were trashed!

Joining UTMB next year for its 10th Anniversary is too tempting and sounds really exciting. Well, let us see. I hope more Pinoys will join it next year. It is an awesome experience!

Jon (back to regular running)

Positive habit?
We are becoming almost used to… Becoming used to seeing you in such large numbers, as we approach of the The North Face ® Ultra-Trail of Mont Blanc ®'s 10th birthday … Becoming used to encountering difficult weather conditions … Becoming used to being stunned by the beaming smiles of the runners and those not only on the finishing line, but at all points throughout the race … Becoming used to receiving so many testimonies of friendship and, it must be said, of satisfaction, from our institutional and private partners … Becoming used to appreciating the fabulous work of our, about 1800, volunteers … After this 9th year, we want to simply, and without further ado, thank, congratulate, applaud and celebrate, the totality of positive energy that you all bring to this event, which, we shall not stop remembering, encompasses all the superlatives. No, of course we do not become used to these perpetual delights, which are the essence of our motivation which always makes sure that the end of August is exceptional, everything around Mont Blanc. Bravo everybody, thank you all very much, come back next year to celebrate the first decade, and enter in to the adolescence of the The North Face® Ultra-Trail® du Mont-Blanc®.

For us your opinion is vital, so to help us to improve each year, please take a few minutes to answer this runner's questionnaire.

Route Changes
This year once again, the weather conditions "spiced up" the races around Mont Blanc.

These conditions, which are very frequent in the mountains, affected the races each of which used an alternative route, thus for information here are the real distances which you completed.

UTMB®: 170km & 9700m positive height gain

CCC®: 92km & 5100m positive height gain

TDS: 119km & 6900m positive height gain
For information, having done the calculations, the modification of the route does not change the number of points attributed to each race.

Statistics :You were one of more than 5500 runners who lined up on the starting line of one of the 2011 The North Face® Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc® races. Here are a few figures

UTMB®: 2369 runners, of whom 186were women (7.85 % of runners), assembled in the Place du Triangle de l'Amitié on Friday 26th at 23:30. 1133, of whom 72 were women, managed to cross the finishing line. That represents 47.83% of runners compared to 60.5% in 2009. 1237 competitors therefore stopped their race before arriving at the finish.

CCC®: 1906 runners of whom 262 were women (13.75% of runners) were at the start of the CCC® in Courmayeur. 1591 (of whom 207 were women) were finishers. 83.47% of the runners therefore completed the race which represents a record for this event. 317 competitors were unable to finish their race in Chamonix.

TDS: 1181 runners, of whom 116 were women (9,82% of runners), lined up at the start. 781 (of whom 79 women), therefore 66.13% of the competitors were finishers while 401 were forced to abandon the race.

PTL: 69 teams of 2 or 3 trail runners were at the start of this event run in complete autonomy over 300km with 25 000m positive height gain. 46 of them arrived in Chamonix, in some cases having 'lost' a team member along the way or having taken an alternative route from the one initially planned due to hazardous weather conditions.

The volunteers :This year, almost 1900 volunteers were on their feet day and night to assure the quality of this event; they were 10% more than in 2010.

To all of you who assured the quality of the races despite the time changes, thank-you!
The Ultra-Trail® Salon grew large!

Having become the pre-race rendezvous, this year the Ultra-Trail® Salon welcomed more than 1000 exhibitors, which now makes it the largest show devoted to Ultra-Trail®.

But above all the salon is a Trail party where everybody can, for 3 days, meet the major Trail running players whatever their universe (equipment manufacturer, media, distributribution, accessories, sports nutrition, travel agencies or organisers of other races) and amongst them the official partners without whom the event would not have grown to these dimensions.

Whether you need to make a last minute purchase, want to meet an organizer of big a French or foreign trail, amuse yourselves or simply want to attend a conference to educate yourselves and learn more about the universe of Ultra-Trail®, the Salon is the ideal place!

Taking place under the sign of conviviality and sporting ethic, the Ultra-Trail® Salon will have plenty more surprises for you next year.

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