26 October 2011

43K Miyamit Run

One of my best runs so far in Miyamit last Sunday. Good company of Jeff Abenina and Isko Lapira. (Too bad Jerry Guiao and I had miscommunication on the date of the run. He failed to join us. So he ran 40K by himself on Saturday. Sorry mate. Next time :) Above all, the weather was almost perfect. It was cold and foggy at maybe 20*C to 27'C (at midday) with minimal wind. We started at almost 3AM starting off at an elevation of 500 ft and the more distance we covered the better the weather got. At maximum elevation of 4287ft (at least that is what my Garmin said) which is almost near Pinatubo, the weather was ideal in that it allowed us stay for a while at the turn around (20K) without risk of hypothermia.

Unfortunately, the trail from the path leading to Falls all the way to the peak was so bad due to multiple massive erosion like an earthquake ripped the ground underneath. One of the thoughts that entered into my mind was the safety of the runners. Also the question of how to put aid stations for runners. Pushing through with the 50 miler is still possible but only those who are hardened ultrarunners maybe able to survive it. Go and ask Isko and Jeff. The condition of the terrain is far more inhospitable now on top of the killers hills that runners must hurdle. So the trail race will no longer include the 50 miler. It will just be one event of plus/minus 60K depending on the condition of the route connecting Clark and Sapang Uwak. Otherwise, runners will have to be rerouted for safety reasons which translates to a longer distance. Such is the idiosyncrasies of trail running.

Anyway, one of the highlights of our run is of course the Falls. We did not have the urge to leave right away. Strange that the sun likewise cooperated in that it shone while we were lounging under the Falls and hid when were climbing back up the main trail. I think this will be the prevailing weather throughout the month of November. We considerably slowed down on the way back on account of depleted fuel supply. Long story. Haha. Isko and Jeff are in a better position to narrate it :) Our run was capped off with a perfect hot "bulalo" inside Air Force City in Clark. Isko even had take out.

Anyway, below are some the pictures. Enjoy.


Hazy is foggy

Astig. Hinga naman Jeff :)

4,253 feet with 30% grade

Trail condition. This is not the worst.

Photo courtesy of Jeff (ahead is me and Isko with Camelbak)
Best picture ever!

Highest elevation

Nakatulog na yata si Isko

Isko and Jeff below the trail path

At the peak with Jeff sitting and eating and yonder is
Isko top less and simply absorbing the view.

The sun peeking through the clouds and over the
mountain range on our way back.

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