26 December 2011


Merry Christmas, Folks!

While waiting for the list of participants from Don, I'd thought I'll throw this out there. 

Before we release the list, we have to be assured of the portalerts come race day. There is a local supplier and it costs only P/3,500 each for 24 hours. (I haggled from P4,000). That should save on delivery charges. We need at least two units, 1 for male and the other for female. So total cost is P/7,000. Anyone willing to chip in to cover the cost can signify their pledge in the comment section below this post. Thanks.



  1. I pledge/contribute PHP1000. Sorry I could not join the event but I'm here to support it.

    --Brian Tan Seng

  2. In behalf of Clark RoadRunners members we are glad to contribute PHP3,500 (or one unit portalet) to this big running event.... Thank you for accommodating us on this big running event!! see you on Jan 7..

    vince (Clark Roadrunners)