03 January 2012


Hi Folks! I hope things are going well for those joining the biggest Fat Ass ever this weekend. Have you prepared your bib? Fuel and fluids? Foldable chairs? Tents and sleeping mats? Cooler? Towels, toiletries? Etc., etc.

So far, 2 portalets have been ordered and will be delivered on Friday. The same way for 7 tents, 7 tables and 50 chairs. Don is taking care of our digital clock and a new Fat Ass tarp/banner. Those who have a digital clock, we will appreciate if you can lend it for the event. I was told it is pricey. 

Also, we might after all be able to distribute Fat Ass certificates if things pan out. So keep your fingers crossed :)
If you have any Fat Ass-related question, you may call/SMS my number +63917- 566-0106.

Maps and pictures below.
See you all!


How to get there
The loop

Aid station before which will be bigger in 2012


  1. Cheers to you Jon!

    Doing some final preparations now. :D

  2. I am beyond excited! Yesterday, we bought snacks, gatorade & our small "contribution" to the event. Today, i was happy to find a blank race bib among my collection & will shortly be writing my name on it as instructed. Tomorrow, i pack the cooler & backpack. Go na go na ako!

  3. In Behalf of our Mother team A Runners Circle and to our Beloved Running Family Ok-Ok Runners (https://www.facebook.com/okokrun)

    we would like to thank the Fat Ass 2012 Organizers for a successful event and for job well done!

    Until next event po! Super Enjoy po kaming lahat!!

    Thanks Sir Jon Et. al


  4. Thanks for the experience, hope to do this again next year and finish the whole time alloted...