29 March 2012


Technically, this is my first trail marathon and so this Sunday should be an exciting weekend.

Some friends will be travelling with me to Kayapa, Benguet Philippines this Saturday. We'll be leaving morning of Saturday and will perhaps take us 6-8 hours to get there. Sometimes, it makes you wonder why travel so far just to run a measly 42K. That is what running is all about - travel, camaraderie and experience. Besides, if I can travel several thousand miles to race overseas, I should not have any qualm joining local races. As they say, patronize your own. Besides, the recent PSA race also on Mt. Ugo made me fall in love with the place. Yes, I am a sucker :)

Truth be told, I need this race for TNF100 Baguio on 21 April 2012 and eventually for WS100. Besides, I am coming in with a vengeance since I was not in condition when I ran PSA. So, this is a challenge for me. 

Let us see how RD Jonel will play this out. So good luck to everyone.

Jon (aching to feel the rush again)