25 January 2013

So what's up?

Okay, Hardcore 100 miles (H1) is looming in the background. You can read more about it here: 
It will be my next big race for this year aside from TNF100 Baguio and Bighorn 100 in Montana, USA this coming June with my good friend Rick Gaston (who did not make it to WS100 ... again. In my case, Hardrock. Badwater is still on the radar.). H1 will be on its debut and I expect some kinks but I could care less. I had seen and run some portion of the course, the hardest part I must say, with running buddies including RD Jonel himself covering Mt. Pulag. H1 is definitely a "post-graduate" race to cater to more experienced ultrarunners. So I don't expect many runners to join but those who will could certainly be called "hardened" or at least have the balls to even attempt it. With elevation gain of 10,000 meters, H1 will be higher than UTMB (9,700 meters). I will not be surprised if no one can come under 24 hours unless Kilian Jornet is running it. But then again, who knows.
I am super psyched up for H1 and fortunately my training is going well (knock on wood!). My peak training this and next week with PlLIPINAS AKYATHLON®: The Philippine International SKYRACE™ 2013 to cap it off in 09 February. Link here:
PlLIPINAS AKYATHLON® should be a fast tune-up race for me. So that is 2 weeks before H1. Perfect! Another excitement is the fact that Simon Sandoval has agreed to pace me. Simon Sandoval is the former CR holder of CM50 in 2011 and ranked No. 2 in 2012. He should be a big boost for the last 60k of H1. I have not felt this excitement before for a race since I raced BDM160K in 2011 and won BDM102 in 2012. I hope all the stars will align perfectly during the race.  

Last week, I was in Davao for a convention and fortunate enough to be accompanied by Eric John Luna for trail 10 miler. Eric and I knew each other circa 2008 during the first edition of TNF100 in Batangas, Philippines. It was both our first 100 kms trail race and what a wicked race with storm, mud, water and cow dungs along some portion of the trail. Funny, I still remember those dungs. Who would want to run a race again when the impression it left is poop? Anyway, good thing TNF100 is now up North in Baguio City. Eric worked in Japan for 3 years after the 2008 TNF100. His story of races in Japan, trail routes and the fascination of Japanese to running was mesmerizing. Running is a big thing in Japan. I am not surprised.
Eric and I basically had fun and halfway the run, rain caught up with us. It was already dark when we finished. We capped it off with fresh coconut juice for only P/15 pesos each! Wow. By the way, we had soup no. 5 and balbacua before our run. Funny we should have those AFTER and not before :)
Next post would probably be a review on trail shoes - ALTRA Superior and Inov8 Trailroc 245!
Jon (raring to race again) 


  1. im curious about the superiors. any experience w/ the lone peaks?

  2. No experience with Lone Peak although I was curious about it. But given the not so favorable reviews on it being not flexible or stiff, I had to make a pass.

    Superior fit is perfect. My toes are happy. They can splay. Problem is i bought a pair online which is a little short. I should have bought 1 size bigger than my Altra Instinct. So I need to bring it to my cobbler for a fix on the bumper toe box. :)

  3. we have the same taste... and sizing error (1/2 size). lol. though parating pa lang yung superiors ko. hehe

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