18 February 2013

It shall come to pass ...

One of the benefits of tapering is that you have so much time in your hand which otherwise would have been devoted to running-related activities. Of course, tapering brings also uneasiness and restlessness of varying degree given how much energy is coursing in your system. It comes with the territory I guess and thus, there is nothing to worry about. But for those who are new to big races as long and tough as H1, it can be nerve-wracking. There is no easy solution and the only thing I can say is ... it shall come to pass.
 So in a few days, specifically 22-23 February 2013, a handful of runners will attempt to conquer what, in my book, can be the TOUGHEST 100 mile trail race on this side of the planet.
So to my fellow runners who will toe the line, good luck. It will be an honor to run this race with you. To those who will successfully cross the finish the line within the time barrier, you will have my utmost respect.
Jon (saying that even Batman will not bother to help you during the race)
       (preparing his gear and needing a foot spa?:)

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