15 April 2013

2013 TNF100 Philippines

This is the next race in my calendar which will be happening this weekend on 20-21 April 2013. I have been doing the series since 2008 Batangas (except the Camsur edition) where only a few of us finished. If I am not mistaken, it was the first official 100km race on this side of the planet back then. I remember I was told from reliable source that the plan was only a series of 3 races but somehow the race organizer has managed to stage it until today. 
TNF100 is now on its 6th edition and has grown in popularity. I was able to convince Eric John Luna, my friend from Davao to join. We both did the first or 2008 edition. We ran the second half together and managed to finish it within the cut-off time inspite of mud and inclement weather.
For more info, here is the website to visit for the 2013 edition: http://www.thrillofthetrail.ph/

Here is a short race report for the 2012 edition: http://jon-ultra.blogspot.com/2012/05/tnf100-mt-matutum-peaking-for-ws100.html.
I am not expecting to finish strong in this race since it is not a goal race for me like H1. Well perhaps I should make it in 2014 to land in top 10. Why I joined this race? Some habits are hard to break :) Seriously, this is a training run for me for Bighorn 100 in June (assuming things will pan out).
To my friends joining the race, best of luck and see you this weekend before and after the race hopefully ... in one piece :)
Jon (not excited about the race)