15 May 2013

Next race: Four Lakes 100K

Here is my next race:
This is 3 weeks (too close? I don't mind really) before Bighorn 100 (if the gods of running and finance smile down on me :)
Will be delighted to see Rick Gaston again and his wife. I hope I get the chance to see Wayne as well and of course, Simon who is doing the WS100! Oh Scott Berge too, Rick's pal, who lent me his discount card at Sports Basement. For some reason I failed to return it to him. Just saw the card when I was rummaging through my stuff. Sorry mate!
Jon (still not in racing mode)


Qualifying races at Miyamit (marathon and half marathon trail races) for CM50 is happening on 22 September 2013 or 2 months before CM50 on 24 November 2013. More details to follow but honestly, the best detail is to TRAIN HARD for it! Cheers!