13 June 2013

Stay focus

12:45pm, Billings
12 June 2013

I have arrived here in the quaint peaceful town of Billings, Montana, USA on 10 June 2013 at around 3AM after a flight delay of almost 2 hours because of a storm up in East Coast. That was the connecting flight from St. Paul Minneapolis. To date, it was my worse travel yet on account of jet lag and sleep deprivation. The 2 and 13 hours lay overs in Narita and Minneapolis, respectively, did me in. Of course, sitting on my butt for an extended period of time (29 hours!) in the planes was almost unbearable for someone who hates inactivity. No matter how many movies I could watch, it was just plain crazy.

The race will be 2 days from now, 14 June. Rick and his wife will join me tonight at Dude Rancher Lodge. Finally some company! I am bored here or perhaps homesick already and I sorely miss my family. I have realized I can never work and live abroad without my folks. It is not just right and complete.

Ran leisurely yesterday for more than 1 hour despite the palpable jet lag. I could feel it in my breathing. It took me more than 30 mins to get my rhythm. I wanted to visit the famous Yellowstone park but it is just too far away. So I was relegated to the 3 small town parks here, North, Dehler and Pioneer. No trail path. It was ok. I just needed to loosen up and perspire. As I wont to say, the best way to check out a new place is on foot.

It has been raining here lately especially in the evening and thus, too cold for my liking. I hope that will not be the case during the race as the weather forecast is good. Rain and biting cold is not a good combo. 

(Ate the poached eggs only + coffee. If this was my "typical" breakfast everyday, I'd be 6 feet under the ground by the age of 45 [43 now])

So what keeps me sane here? I am halfway through the book The Zoo by James Patterson and doing a lot of walking and tasting some local cuisine but am missing some home-cooked Pinoy food already. Perhaps Rick and I will cook adobo tomorrow. I will insist :) Am unsure if Rick has already asked her wife to taste one :)

(Local beer plus the book were effective to induce some sleep last night)

All of the above stimuli tend to distract a person from the reason why he is in a foreign land in the first place. Taking in all the sight and smell can be very distracting. I have to remind myself over and over again why I am here in the first place. I will and must NOT lose focus.

Jon (hoping to have a fast time during the race to make fellow Pinoys proud)



  1. Just found out from you it's been raining. Hope those trails are mostly drained or dry. It's a real mudfest when it isn't and slows me down. Ah well it is what it is. At least the conditions look better than in 2007.

  2. At 3pm here. it rained again just like yesterday and the day before that.

    My H1 last February should have prepared for the worst conditions. Bring it on!

    Hey Rick let's cook some adobo tom. I'll be the cook.

    1. Right on. I'll taste your adobo.

    2. 68 Fahrenheit on Friday, even cooler than the forecast at the beginning of the week and no rain! Great running weather. Hope that holds.

    3. Yeah hope so.

      Anything you couple need for tonight since you'll be here 10pm? Email me :)

  3. goodluck cabalen....


  4. Good luck Jon on the race. No doubt, you will make us Pinoys proud. Focus (or locus of control) is an important thing. Thank you for sharing and writing about your long distance running experiences abroad. Many of us may never be able to go to all these lovely and rugged places you have been running, but at least your writing gives us a taste.

  5. Thanks folks!

    Rick, his wife and I will travel to Sheridan Wyoming for the pre-race check in and all. By Google map, it says 130 miles from here thru highway I-90. Wow 130 miles! It's like going to Baguio.

    Looking forward to the pre-race pizza party tomorrow. In other words, the "last supper" literally and figuratively :) Cheers.

  6. goodluck atty! run safe and enjoy... Congratulations in advance! :)Godbless!