05 December 2013


With my role as RD for CM race series (CM50 and CM42) behind me, I can concentrate now on what I love best - RUNNING.
I have been running almost everyday since CM50 and 2014 proves to be an exciting year again. I have been looking at my race calendar and it appears to be a very busy schedule until July 2014 (then the second half of 2014 is prepping for CM races and perhaps 1 or 2 races for me). To start off, FAT ASS is slated on 4-5 January 2014. As organizer, I'll try to keep things simple this time so I can run as well. Then on 19 January 2014, I have a sub-2 hours 21k road  pacing duty at a local race here. These are all in preparation for my 2nd year at HARDCORE 100 MILE race on 21-22 February 2014. No objective here to race unlike last year when I placed 2nd (almost won but it is another story) except to improve my time and get whipped on once again by the sheer difficulty of the race. I wonder how many will run this race again given its notoriety (pun intended).
After Hardcore, I'll take a brief rest and focus on TNF100 on  3-4 May 2014 - my 6th year of running out of 7 and am planning to continue doing so. This time, it is one of my goal races for 2014. I want to race and compete with some of the best in the country and see how I'll fare in the ranking. It should be exciting.
Lastly, HARDROCK 100 on 11 July 2014 in San Juan, Colarado. This is my dream race along with UTMB, etc. One epic race in my book! Last year, I did not make it in the lottery that is why I ended up doing the Bighorn 100 with Rick Gaston and his friends. So hopefully this time things will turn out lucky for me and Simon Sandoval who is also entered to represent the Philippines as well in 2014. Registration ended last 01 December 2014.
In between FAT ASS and HARDROCK 100, I am planning to join a marathon or two, FOUR LAKES 100, MT. UGO MARATHON and/or SKYATHLON. So these are add ons depending on how my body is feeling and my mood as well. Planning to climb some new mountains also that I have not been to like Mt. Tapulao. I or we might as well take advantage of the good weather for the next several months.
Road marathon is beginning to appeal to me again for some reason after years of hiatus. If only I can replace my road shoes soon. The pair has sentimental value because it won the 2012 BDM 102 en route to then the new course record. I wonder what will be a good pair this time?
RD Jon (enjoying the cool December weather in his every run)


  1. Hi Jon. Our runnin8 m3n for others look forward to joining the 2014 Fat Ass. Thank you for organizing this run.

  2. No luck for both of us on Hardrock 100. Simon and I did not even make it to the waiting list!