16 January 2014

2014 Outreach Program

The Outreach Program was held last Sunday, 12 January 2014 at the Aeta community in Sapang Uwak, Porac, Pampanga Philippines.

Present were Doi Calbes (from Davao), Michael Flores, CJ Paran spouses Noel and Precy Hernandez, Migo Limos, his girlfriend and friends, Darwin, Robert Quiazon and family, and Joseph with Barangay Tanod.

Before the program, we took our sweet time going to the Falls after which I took off for a quick downhill running going back to the Tourism Office where the venue was held. On the way to the Falls, I informed some families living uphills to come down and participate. Robert Quiazon, using his own SUV, drove his wife and son close to the View Deck so they could see the Falls as well. 
Overall, it was a wonderful weekend physically, socially and spiritually!
So thank you to the following donors:
Atty. Joanne Evangelista, spouses Noel and Precy, Pie Valencia, Team Miranda, Tukod.ph, Anna Bautista, Team EkEk, MGM, Migo Limos, Dennis Cumal, Allan from Porac, Jet Paiso, Vivian Cerrer-Toledo, Ria and Jom Zegala, Juancho Valle and of course, Melanie Lacanlale.

HIGHLIGHT of the outreach program is when I was handing out clothes to the kids with bedraggled outfit and sometime with no lower covering. I did not expect them to say thank you or "salamat" but the glint or smile in their eyes while walking away and holding the clothes was more than enough for me. And everytime I think of it, it brings tears of joy to my heart and soul.     
There are still 2 boxes of used clothes and if some of you out there have outreach programs like this, let us know.
Jon (who believes in magnanimity and the ethos "what goes around; comes around") 



  1. Atty. Jon - It was an unforgettable experience for me and my family. The best part really is you leading us to "pay it forward" through this outreach program. Thanks also to our fellow ultrarunners who accompanied my wife and son while we are busy figuring out how to pull my SUV back on track. I think our request was answered in the end. :). More power to you and keep it up! - Robert Q.

  2. Inspiring stuff this experience of "runner's high" and "helper's high."

  3. Atty. Jon, sayang we missed this one. Eku balu. Eni mu. Next time though.;)