08 July 2009

RUN RADIO - the first of its kind

My good friend Marga has finally done it!

As the Executive Producer, Run Radio will start airing on July 24 at NU 107, and will continue to air every Fridays, 9-10pm.

Run Radio is made possible by Nike, Print Avenue, Botak, Finishline.ph, Pinoy Ultra Runners, Second Wind Running Store, and RUNNR.


(Collectively called the "Powerpuff" girls, she was one of my crew during Bataan 102K on 05 April 2009. You can read the story here: http://pinoyultrarunners.multiply.com/journal/item/82) Marga, thank you again for crewing!


  1. Marga was part of your crew? I had conversed with her briefly on her old blog, back when it was called "Transition Zero". I always thought that was a cool name.

  2. aww thanks you!!! :) get ready for your guesting!

  3. Rick - Yup, she was. Man, all of us had a blast! Marga was, shall we say, very entertaining. She kept talking but slept like a log. Hehe. I guess this radio show is fitting for her after all.

    Marga - I should be the one to say thank you... again. Geez, I have never been inside a radio booth. :)

  4. Hi Rick! :) I'm now at http://marga.livejournal.com. I'm that conceited; took the liberty of acquiring my name @ LJ hahaha. :)

    Atty, sorry to disappoint but I ain't talking on air -- just Jaymie and Jay. Wala akong K! I don't have the clout nor the achievements. I'm just here to have fun bringing running on air. :)

  5. Man, next time I'm home I will have to put aside more days for hanging out in Manila, haha. Looking forward to meeting all of you, one day.