06 January 2010

Additional Details for FAT ASS Run

We have inadvertently omitted in the last post several details which we think are very important as well. Here they are:

BREAK: Runners who take a break and leave the designated loop will have to return to the same spot before proceeding. If your break will take longer as usual, please advise the checkpoint personnel accordingly.

DRINKING BOTTLES, CUPS, ETC: To avoid unnecesary litters during the event, runners will have to bring their own bottles, cups (for coffee), etc. and use them for refill. We have seen too many plastic litters (cups, bottles) during and after races. It is time to help the environment. 

RUNNING CLUBS' BANNERS/TARPAULINS: Running clubs or groups whose members are joining the event may hoist their banners near the checkpoint for promotional purposes. We are working on having the event (at least the closing ceremony) covered by a local TV station here. Please coordinate with the checkpoint staff.

We hope that covers everything for now. Thanks and see you all!



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