11 January 2010

Post-FAT ASS Run Message

Thank you to those who participated during the FAT ASS run last Saturday. It was a pleasure to see you finish the event you chose... and have a great time as well!

Our biggest kudos, however, goes to the volunteers who supported the run literally with their time, money and dedication. We owe to you the success of the run. Thank you so much. We will give due recogntion later on.

Results, pictures and other details of the run will be posted later today. You can, however, read the initial recap of the run from Ronnie - one the 24-hour runners at http://runnerforchrist.wordpress.com/.

Recover well and good day.




  1. Thanks for the plug. : )

    To all runners, marshals, staff, volunteers and most specially to this blogsite of Atty. Jon...CONGRATS!

    Definitely, we will see again in the next edition of Fat Ass next year, jan. 8-9, 2010. God bless us on those days.

    Cheers! : )

  2. Simon Sandoval said...

    Thanks Jon for arranging for this to happen - was fun!

    (Redirecting the post of Simon here instead)

  3. bro,


    i owe you one 24-hour run. but i did not stay idle last sunday ha?

    see you sa bdm.


  4. Congratulations to all participants: racers, organizers, marshalls, support crew of the first ever Fat Ass Run in the country.

    See you in the next edition.

  5. Thanks to Don for the post-run beer bash!

  6. sorry we're late. but its better to be late than NEVER! MAI SJ

  7. Ronnie - thank you for the comment. I had enjoyed the run too immensely.You're a real ultrarunner.

    Simon - you displayed running prowess again. Nice to see you.

    Jonel - Bro, I hope to see you in 2011 edition and give us a fiercer sense of competition. You weren't idle because you joined Cebu Marathon. Congrats too!

    Billy and Mai - Nice of you to drop by. Mai, goodluck on your first marathon sa Condura.

  8. sorry koya! impromptu drinking party at my house that lasted for 15 hours. i was catatonic!