11 January 2010

FAT ASS Official Results

Here are the results during the Fat Ass Run 2010:

As mentioned before, this event was never intended to be a race in the strictest sense of the word. We do, however, know how to give recognition when and where it is due.

Thus, the following are the FAT ASS KINGS and QUEENS of 2010, respectively:

         24 HOURS:                                 12 HOURS                               6 HOURS

     Albert Sama (114kms)           Bonifacio Dalisay (72.6)           Jerry Guiao (48.4)
     Elizabeth Siojo (94.6)            Priscilla Hernandez (59.4)        Blesilda Gimeno (33)

These are the folks to "outdo" in 2011. So keep on running those fat asses!

(There were no 18-hour runners who showed up. We decided this particular event will no longer be included in 2011. Hence, the categories will be 24, 12 and 6 hours only.)

Pictures and other details very soon.




  1. Congrats to all of us!

    I admire Atty. Jon for his unselfish act, for he should be the real FAT ASS king (123.2 kms) THE REAL MONSTER haha. However, he opted to give way because he is the organizer.

    I congratulate all of you guys, and gals for this amazing event. Rest assured that I'll help you in the very best I can in the 2nd edition in 2011.
    Team Clark, volunteers Thank you for all your support. Imagine, having a water and food station every 2.2 kms, in the entire route of the race, that's awesome!

    And best of all, wala akong nakitang nag cheat at nag short cut haha.
    See you in the next edition.
    God bless us all.

  2. Thanks Ronnie. The volunteers were the keys to the success of FAT ASS. We could not imagine doing this without them.

  3. congratulations! hope to participate next time.