13 January 2010

Pictures during FAT ASS

Hello folks. Here are some of the pictures during the Fat Ass Run. My apology if they are not posted in the proper order. Anyway, enjoy!



Taken hours before the start. I particularly like this because it represents "the calm before the storm". Banner is small but cute :)

Aid Station. Still quiet with recreational walkers and joggers around.

Fat Ass Organizers - Don and Jon

Fat Ass King - Boni for 12 hours receiving his Certificate

Fat Ass Queen for 12 hours - Precy

This is Joseph "Joen" Soriao. Amazing feat (81.4k) for an ultra newbie. Fat Ass was his training run for BDM102.

Fat Ass finishers in all categories.

Runners showing their fat asses which would not be fat soon :)

Don! Get your ass on the lane!

Guess who? This is behind the checkpoint.

Ronnie de Lara  in one of those brief breaks. Early morning. No, it was not his beer bottle :)

Post-run beer bash courtesy of Don! Cheers!

Asst. RD Red on the ground rules and mechanics.

Fat Ass King Albert for 24 hours (114.4k)

Fat Ass Queen Beth for 24 hours (94.6K). She even slept.

Off they go, the 12 hour runners!

At 8 PM, the 12 hour runners with others.

At 2AM, the 6-hour runners. Very competetive.

Panoramic view of Clark Parade Ground

Guess who? No, he is not a mummy or in a coccoon! :)

Showing it off again! :)

At 8AM, the 24-hour runners. Looong way to go! Isko "The Hunk" Lapira raising his hands.

Rinna Fuentes on her first attempt to go the distance.

Billy "longhairago" with his certificate.

Hey, Jeff, stop working! :)

The 6-hour runners - Meyo, Gilbert and Sir Willy.

Our kids at play as well.

Simon (6 hours), Romy, Ronnie and Don on a break.

Seconds before the gun start for 24 hours.

Boss Red on the loop recording.

Haha. Fat Ass King Albert and runners showing their behinds!

24-hour runners from left, Jon, Romy, Don, Isko, Ronnie, Jeff, Abet, Albert, Beth, Mendell and Rinna

24-hour runners in a different pose.


  1. Panalo! Congrats to all.

    P.s yung natutulog na 'cocoon' si Isko ata un hahaha

  2. Hey man, congrats on the big success of your FatAss run. Really nice. Congrats too on the 123.2 kilometers that you covered. Next year 160! Great job.

  3. Ronnie - I told Isko to sleep in a more confortable place but he did not mind sleeping on the park bench.

    Rick - Thank you. I did not want to push it since BDM102 is near. For most runners, I think 160 kilometers or longer is doable.

  4. hi Jon, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this and meeting crazy runners like you, don and me hahaha. nextyear, walang tulugan para walang iwanan. great photos, thanks for sharing! seriously, i'll do the tee shirts designs for next year ha?

  5. Anonymous - Hey, we had fun too! Secret of logging long mileage during the run - do not sleep :) You may do the tee shirts design for 2011. I think Don is designing the 2010 t-shirts. Let's hope this will materialize.

  6. What an awesome event Atty Jon. Sigh! I hope I can join next year :) Congratulations on organizing it, you did an awesome job!

  7. Luis - Thanks. I hope to see you next year. It'll be fun.

  8. atty. Jon it was an awesome event!!! Next year mas marami na tayo definitely. Congrats to you and Don and to sir red (24 hours gising). Fat Ass 2011 count team CAMANAVA Runners in... sagot namin ilang case ng beer hehehe pa grab na rin ng stolen shot ko natutulog hahaha


  9. salamat isko!

    thank you for the support. we will do our best to maintain the camaraderie, the fun, and the challenge of fat ass 2011.

    maraming salamat sa lahat ng suporta!



  10. Isko - Salamat. You should have not left early. Don donated 2 cases of beer after you left. Yup, you can have the picture. I have no idea who took it though. See you and CAMANAVA TEAM next year!