16 March 2010

GLOBE and TNF 100K

So, I started running again since last Sunday and yesterday. Sunday was something of a test run to see how my legs and feet were feeling. There were still  a bit stiff and heavy. Perhaps, the usual hilly course should have been avoided. Yesterday was absolutely different though. 

Running around the course of Fat Ass barefoot for almost 30 minutes with fartleks and thereafter, with shoes for a quick tempo run was liberating! It felt like playing in the park. My guess is the run last Sunday loosened up the tightness here and there. Let us see if a long run can be squeezed in before Globe.

Anyway, I will play it by ear during the upcoming Globe run (21K) on Sunday and see how my condition is. Right now, my priority is FULL RECOVERY before TNF100K in Baguio.
I have been there before - feeling great several days after an ultra race just to find out later on that I had been lulled into false sense of full recovery. It is a recipe for injury. Recovery takes time but as they say, the longer you have been running, the faster your body recovers, i. e. assuming of course all protocols for recovery are followed to a tee which includes sleep, nutrition, etc.

TNF100K is fast approaching. I hope all of you intending to join it has been doing some specific training for TNF even before BDM. If not, better start now. Heard it from the grapevine that the course will be another tough course to conquer. If it is Baguio, expect hills, hills and more hills. I just hope the organizer has finally come around to give out good medals instead of, um (what word should I use?), trifling souvenirs which are not commensurate to the toil runners have to go through just to finish the race. A thing or two to think about really.

Good luck, enjoy and stay injury-free. Above all listen to your body. It pays.

Cheers and see you in Globe,

Jon (should have volunteered as a pacer again)

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  1. Good advice. Recovery, recovery, recovery. I too have fallen for that trap of feeling good and ramping back up too quickly. I do it all the time. Like my lola said, "tigas nang ulo", in ilonggo of course which I can't remember right now. I'm feeling great after my race but we raced in cool conditions and half as long as your race. Only one fall too and it was a gentle one. I even got a compliment from the guy behind me "nice fall" he said. I crumpled to the ground into a semi-roll like a well designed vehicle. A roll wasn't needed, I was going too slow:) Ah good times. Have fun at the Globe run and have a good ramp back up to TNF Baguio.