24 March 2010


This should have been posted last Monday but work, family and running had to take utmost priority.

Anyway, Fat Ass King for 6 hours and BDM102 finisher, Jerry Guiao had been telling me of a challenging but beautiful trail near Clark. It is a few minute drive via SCTEX expressway. There is a shortcut but it will probably be hard to find.

So Jerry, Albert and I finally decided to check it out last weekend. We were not disappointed. The trail is indeed difficult with endless hills to conquer. It was an out-and-back run of 21K on a hard pack dirt road but it took us a little 4 hours to finish it. Some of the hills so steep we had no choice but to power walk. We mostly walked it anyway. It is very scenic though. The air is cool too and the trail ends marvelously at a falls called Miyamit - (next time I will definitely swim at the lagoon beneath it. 

That was Saturday. Then the next day we ran Globe despite shot quads and lack of sleep.

Let the pictures during our trail run below tell more about it. We reckoned this trail will serve us well for the upcoming TNF100K. The run also revealed our current physical weaknesses which we intend to rectify.

The trail gives you the feeling of being detached from civilization notwithstanding the nearby area is exactly the opposite of it. It is like you are from a different era.

We are planning to hold a fat-ass style run two weeks before TNF on April 17. (April 18 is the ABS-CBN run here in Clark. More details later on). We'll give you more details for those who want to join.

Here are the pictures during both runs. Enjoy.





  1. Totally stripped of forests. Bananas and coconuts take their place. There are a lot of similar upland communities in the Cotabato area of Mindanao as well -- why it's a lot like the Bamban section of TNF Sacobia!

  2. Very nice. I like your new trail and not too far from home. Looks similar to some of the trails we run around here.

  3. atty jon masarap yan pag rainy season... maputik at masarap mag padulas hahaha balikan natin after ng TNF.