17 August 2010

3 months before ultra - training

Log entries:

Monday - 16K
           CDC office to Main Gate and back. Ran after office hour on the grassy area of the highway. Was raring to go for a run after last Saturday's 27K. Went a bit too fast. Drizzle. 0 calorie and water.

Tuesday - 10K AM + 6K PM
           Ran the 10K route of Takbo para sa Katutubo. Easy running. Muscle tight. Raining in the afternoon.  Gym in the PM. 0 calorie and water.

Wednesday - 16K AM
            No time to run after office. Weather was good. Soooo sleepy at the office. Felt like dozing off on my chair. It must be the lack of sufficient sleep for the past nights. Dangerous. Lack of sleep can lead to injury as the body fails to heal properly. Would sleep early later. 0 calorie and water.

Thursday - 8K AM + 8K PM
            Felt better. Weather was good but there was a drizzle later in the day. Gym before running in the PM. Will savor rest day tomorrow. I am missing barefooting. 0 calorie and water

Friday - rest

Saturday - 40K
            Started at 4AM and had to run alone. Albert showed up late but he managed to run 35K. Saw him later and we ran together for about 8K. Weather was good. Clouds covered the sky. Heat was manageable. Was tempted to run 42k but reason prevailed. There is still tomorrow. Strangely felt good after the run. Dozed off after lunch. 1.2 liters of fluid and 350 calories.

Sunday - 21K
             Ran at 6AM with Noel and Precy who, I found out later on, managed to run 47K in preparation for Precy's first ultra (PAU). Nice to run with friends. Weather yesterday was better although cold winds blew from the west. Legs and feet are doing just fine. Was tempted to run 30K but again reason prevailed. 400 ml fluid and 100 calories.

TOTAL: 125K. Managed to run this much (which is not much for some good runners out there) but speed sessions had to take a back seat for awhile until next week. Hopefully I can manage to log in 160K per week leading to the race. If I were to survive the ultra in November, I'd better start running some serious difficult trails and mountains! Aside from the costs, the race course is daunting. 42,258 feet plus of total elevation gain and loss! TNF Baguio is puny in comparison!




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  1. nice post...LUFET naman ng isang week of training mo! heheh....Now I know the secret! :)

    "the race course is daunting. 42,258 feet plus of total elevation and loss! TNF Baguio is puny in comparison!" - VERY DAUNTING! what race is this?

    thanks and goodluck on your ULTRA races...