23 August 2010

another week of training

It was rest day. Wanted to run but it was wise not to do so.

Tuesday - 10K PM
Big headache from our outing last night. Dang. Gotta run and burn it! 0 calorie and water.

Wednesday 10K PM
Speed day. Energized and raring to go. 5k warm up followed by 4x220m hs, 12 seconds all out hs and capped off with 2.5K tempo at 10K pace. Cool down. Gym before running. 0 calorie and water.

Thursday 10K
No-brainer easy run. 0 calorie and water.

Rest. My body felt like falling apart because of lack of sleep. 2 in the family were sick. No use running in such pathetic state.

Saturday 10K
Oh yes. Good day for speed! 4x800m intervals (not that I am fast anyway).  You just gotta love the feel of sweating, panting and/or gasping for air and chest-thumping workout. 0 calorie and water.

Sunday 10k Mt. Arayat

Clock went off at 4AM and felt like I was glued to my bed. Tired and still sleepy. My resting heartbeat per minute was unsually high. Normally, it hovers between 40-44 (38 was the lowest). Today was different. Went back to sleep again.

By the the time I was about to start my climb (3,366 ft), it was 10AM and local folks said it was already late. There was need to tell me that :) My original plan was actually to reach the summit twice but time and lingering soreness in my legs told me to abandon the plan. Calves were heavy. A little sore. Last time we climbed, I made it in 3 hours, 6 mins. This time it was 3 hours and 10 mins even with all those running (when possible) on the ascent and descent and 3-min stop at the peak. No worry. The plan to conquer the summit twice will happen very soon. Saw huge shiny blue fly and butterfly. Those stopped me in my tracks.

As of this writing, my quads and calves are slightly sore and this is something to be expected. Soreness reveals one's weakness and it is good. I might as well punish myself now rather than suffer unnecessarily (DNF) during the ultra in November. Pain is good after all. 1 liter H2O and 0 calorie.


Jon (wondering until now whether to race or simply run the 65K PAU race this Sunday)

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  1. Good luck and God bless your 65km run Jon!--Beth