31 January 2011


The past 2 weeks have been good in terms of training for BDM160 (the BDM120 being a bonus :). Nothing extraordinary significant but nothing mundane either. The fact that there is no lingering soreness or any sign of deterioration on my health so far is something to be thankful for.

Last week's training was something I hoped for but not actually planned. What was predetermined is the volume but not the quality. I was suprised to find out that I was able to mix speed and volume and still have a life. 3 speed sessions for the entire week. Twice (AM and PM being an accident but that is a rather long story :) in one day (Thursday) and last Saturday's 58K night test run on the last segment of BDM160k. There was sort of apprehension on how my legs would perform during the test run since I did not taper for it (no need to do so as the run is obviously a part of the training) . Friday was even an active recovery day by doing an easy run. Suprisingly, my legs were okay and I was even able to run 23K the day after the test run. So last week, the volume is 123K with 1 day of complete rest. 

 The test run was valuable because it gave me lessons on how to tackle the last 58K of the race. Obviously, having a support crew is one. Pacer is a plus but not necessary. It was a learning experience for me to be self-sufficient during the run. No support crew and had to stop and buy my supplies at 7-Eleven stores (you know how it is - fall in line, pay and then refill one's bladder and then off again). I even lost my money. Good thing my officemate (Herman G.) with his wife were also there by chance and kind enough to lend me some cash as looking for an ATM could be a major hassle and time-consuming.

Thank you to Paolo Osmena and his wife for giving me a ride back to Dau, Pampanga (where my family picked me up to Clark) and to those support crew who offered me water but I did not take any during the run. Grazie. Hopefully, the next few weeks we will see a higher-mileage but quality training. By the way, it was nice to see my fellow ultrarunners but sad for the loss of one - Jay. My condolence to his family.

Now, if I can only find a headlamp with at least 100 lumens and not costs me an arm and a leg.

Jon (still imagining the dust and smog he inhaled during the run. yay!) 


  1. you looked fine during the run except that you were too fast on your first 25K. i know you can make it in sub-20 hours and make the BDM 102 as your recovery run. run strong!

  2. @BR - That thing was a suicidal pace. Too risky and a sure recipe to die on the course. Something I'd never do during the race itself. Honestly, I don't harbor any "time" for the inaugural BDM160K but sub-20 is indeed enticing :) I'll sort of just hang on and play it as the race unfolds. Now that back-to-back BDM is interesting.

    Some runners and I observed your health condition last Saturday. Sniffing and all. The energetic aura seems less visible. I hope everything is okay.


  3. 100 lumen light huh, how about the Petzl Myo RXP. It is an arm and a leg however. How about a regular Petzl, the new ones get up to 65 lumens. It's not like you would be on trail right?

    So are you really still going to do this sans crew and pacer. I really think you should have both and this is coming from a runner who has run the majority of his 100 mile runs without crew or pacer. You will be faster.

  4. @Rick, I will have my own usual crew. Pacer is not being considered yet because no one has volunteered. :) I can certainly use one.

    Some portions of the route on the last 30k is too dark. Any runner finishing in sub-20 hours will have to contend with darkness. Hence, the need for a better one. I already have the regular Petzl and Black Diamond Spot (65 lumens) and am not satisfied with both. The 100+ lumens will be of great help during UTMB. Cheers.