24 January 2011


The initial plan was to do 3x25k yesterday. The loop of 25K is the New Balance Power race route (which race did not push through last year). That would bring it to 75K and add 2 more kilometers for a total of 120K (which is nothing significant) for this week's total mileage. (Hopefully, I can come close to 140-160K of weekly training before BDM160. Having said that, one should not get carried away by numbers.)

Unfortunately, I only did 65K yesterday for a total of 103K for a measly 4 days of running. (I know I could have run 5-6 days but important social obligations got in the way. We still have life outside running you know :) The last 10K of 65K being in labor as my energy and overall condition suddenly plummeted. On hindsight, this could be atributed to lack of heat adaptation as the last few weeks have been rather cold on this side of the planet . So when I started my run at 6:30AM and finished way past 12 noon when the heat was at its peak, my body was not prepared for it. I got sunburned as a result even with the use of sunblock before noontime.

I was dehydrated too even as I brought my Nathan 1.5L hydration pack with me. Also, my fluid of choice (a mixture of water and Mountain Dew) for that last 10K was obnoxious to say the least. Tasted like crap. It made we wonder why I even mixed them in the first place :)

PAGASA (local weather bureau) says cold weather will last until March. I don't know and without sounding condescending, I cannot take that hook, line and sinker. Perhaps, we BDM 100-miler participants should take that with a grain of salt and train for the worst heat condition. Besides, it is not too late for adequate heat adaptation before BDM160 :) 

Sunburned cheers,


I am planning to join the test run from 102-160K this weekend without support crew as I have always dreamed of doing any BDM event unsupported and still be able to land in the top 10. That will be cool. I swear it is cheaper that way :)


  1. I know from personal experience that you can be heat trained but lose that advantage if you get dehydrated. So the question is, did you get dehydrated because you didn't want to drink your mixture or there was not enough of it and that was when you felt the effects of the heat more acutely OR was it because of the heat that you lost more fluids, was then dehydrated and if affected your taste for your fluids.

  2. Hi Rick. Looking back, I think the heat probably accelerated my dehydration even before I made my fluids. Of course, the fluids aggravated my condition as well as it tasted like it was concocted by a mad scientist from a strange sci-fi lab :)

    Pretty recovered by now as I am back at running for the past 2 days.

  3. After your activity I'm going to visit you bro, to celebrate...hehe

    Ric Tutaan