11 March 2011


With BDM races behind us, we cherish the fond memories they left in the lives of the runners - ultrarunners to be specific. Memories that are forever etched in our mind. Most of us are now relishing the victories and perhaps, even staring at the buckle, medal and trophy proudly displayed at home or even at the office. Majority of the runners are still perhaps recovering and enjoying the downtime while waiting for the sore legs and feet to heal.

After having done the back-to-back BDM races, I am looking forward to enjoying some time off my feet for two weeks. The thought of wearing my running shoes at this point seems surreal and unappetizing. Days after BDM102, sun and heat felt repulsive to me. Very strange. Perhaps, it was my body's unique and natural way of telling me to avoid the sun for full recovery. I am not suprised at all.

Right now, I am looking forward to going to Davao this evening to join my wife and have some R & R over the weekend and to visit Samal Island as well. I badly need some change of environment even before I resume running again.

My excitement for running was perked up when I visited the website of UTMB (http://www.ultratrailmb.com/). I am excited for this race which is touted as "The Super Bowl of Ultrarunning" in Europe. This year it is confirmed that some of the elite US ultrarunners (Geoff Roes, Anton K., Karl M., Scott J, etc.) are going to compete against Europe's best runners (Kilian J, et. al.). Something to watch out for. Very very competitive and exciting.

Locally, we have BR's Mayon 360 50-miler on April 2 and of course, TNF100 Camsur at the end of April. I am still undecided at this point whether to run either or both races. TNF100 will definitely help me for UTMB as this is a trail race also.

So for now, let us just enjoy the downtime and recharge our body to look forward to another exciting months ahead of running.


Jon (thinking of what to eat in Davao :) 

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