05 April 2011

It's good to be back ...

Here we go again and it is good to be back. Off season is over. One month of hibernation did what it was supposed to do... recovery. Not only physiological but psychological as well. The respite was self-imposed after BDM to allow a fresh start for the running season ahead. It did occur to me though that I lost some strength and endurance and missed some of the short races (e.g. Mayon 360, etc.) in the calendar. Obviously that is the trade off but knowing the benefits of taking a break is enough for me. Sometimes, you have to hold back just to gain more. Running, after all, should not be strictly structured that it takes the fun and spontaneity out of it.

In the meantime, the plan is to focus on trail. This is in preparation for UTMB in August (check out video clips of this race and be blown away by its sheer rugged beauty! http://www.ultratrailmb.com/, here and  here). Also to a certain extent TNF100 Camsur, CDO Dahilayan Trail Ultra Marathon (why so long for a name of a race?) and Nature Valley something. (Although after listening to Willy, Al and Don last Sunday I am having second thought on TNF100 due to weather condition down there. Hot and humid so they said. But then again, that is the challenge.) By the way, a quick shout out to Simon (running UTMB also) who managed to reserve us a place in Chamonix. Let us run together one of these days.

Speaking of trail, I have some news. A few days ago, Jerry Guiao (the guy who introduced us to Miyamit Falls trail) sent me SMS saying that the trail leading to Pinatubo via Miyamit is now open! I was told that it is around 30k ... one way. My initial reaction was WOW! and next impulse to Jerry was we have to visit that unexplored area leading to Pinatubo. Very exciting and perhaps, harder? We'll find out very soon. First thing is first. Get the groove back to my feet. At my condition now, that place will swallow me and spit me out. Got to respect the distance, elevation and terrain.

With UTMB in August, the news about Miyamit seems too much of a coincidence. It will definitely help a lot, training wise. Perhaps, I should move in Miyamit and live in a makeshift hut :). So for those looking for an exciting and new place to train for the upcoming trail races, you may want to try Miyamit and give us a holler while at it. I will post further details on when to visit the place.

So for a quick read about our Miyamit runs/visits, check these previous  posts: with BR, first run and training for GNW100

Oh did I tell you we are planning to hold a race there and it will be under PAU? :) You there BR? :)

And you may want to check this article which echoes what I have been saying all along: Train your mind as well as you train your body.

Jon (excited to race again)


  1. i am here and we have to do it as soon as possible! 50K & 100+K runs will be possible! of course, it will be an entirely PAU or PAU-sanctioned race. we will see!

  2. Hi Atty Jon,

    The trail to Miyamit Falls is indeed open. In addition, a new trail road was built extending towards Mt. Pinatubo. It ends at around 30-60 minutes trek towards the crater according to our Aeta guides. The trail road is about 22 kms. You should explore this before the rainy season.

  3. BR - July 31 seems a good date. Had a brief chat with Jerry and he said that date is not entirely within the rainy season ... I hope. Come to think of it, the Aeta community will somehow benefit from this adventure. The starting area at the base (Brgy. Sapang Uwak "Crow Creek" ... maybe we should name the race as such :) will soon become a recreational area. Miyamit-Pinatubo seems more accurate though.

    Billy- Thank you for the info. This is exciting. So the distance Jerry gave me might be accurate but the only way to find out for sure is by getting out there using Garmin. I am really curious of the elevation gain and loss. It is probably too much to think of the possibility and difficulty of extending the race to Sta, Juliana and back to Crow Creek (Sapang Uwak). Jerry said that 4x4 vehicle can now go up the trail with ease now unlike before.

    Speaking of exploration, we are tentatively planning to visit the place next week. Most likely hiking the trail for 1 whole day. Yay! Don, Jerry and Pioq? are good to go. Of course, we can accommodate other runners for more fun. Let us know. Cheers.

  4. I had Garmin readings ranging from 900-1300 masl from viewdeck 1 to the proposed viewdeck 2 (end of trail)> billy

  5. Billy - It means you were there and probably one of those from media who visited the place together with the entourage of the Governor? This means also the highest elevation is somwhere from 2952 feet to 4265 feet which is higher than Mt. Arayat (3,366 feet). But this does not count the total elevation loss or gain. Very interesting. Thanks for the info again.

  6. I went there with the engineer who built the road one week before to find out if the route is safe for the political types. The sights are breathtaking. Lots of uphills 45degrees and downhills. We did not actually reach the crater (30 minutes away according to the Aeta guides). Our 4x4's only went up to the end of the trail which is 1,300 masl but we passed much higher peaks en route.