11 April 2011

UPDATED Miyamit to Pinatubo Trek

UPDATES (as of 15 April 2011, 9PM)

All is set for tomorrow. Those joining the adventure will meet at 2:30AM, Clark Parade Ground (Fat Ass venue) parking lot. Jerry will bring extra water jug for everyone during the trek and rice wrapped in banana leaves. See you. Cheers!

Jerry our host has offered to crew for those joining this Saturday's Miyamit-Pinatubo trek (technically it should be called "Sapang Uwak" [Crow Creek] to Pinatubo). He will bring his 4x4 making the journey more enjoyable and our weight load bearable. Please read the commentary section below for more info as well as my previous posts. Note that the distance from the base to Pinatubo crater is roughly 22K using the car odometer of Jerry. I will bing my Garmin 405 just to be sure. For those asking for direction, it is difficult to accurately describe the same since it involves a detour from SLEX leading to a rough road. In my next post, I will try to map it. Let me know those who are still interested to join. Meeting place is at Clark - venue of Fat Ass and then off to Miyamit. There is perhaps no need to bring your car to Sapang Uwak. Cheers.

Guess what? Some friends from Manila are coming over here to trek Miyamit all the way (hopefully) to Mt. Pinatubo's crater. It will be this weekend, Saturday at 3AM and god knows until when it will be over ( I am sure before lunch).

It will be fun knowing that the route is runner-friendly now. So they say. No crazy running this time. Just hiking and/or trekking (any technical difference anyway?) and picture taking every now and then . Don, Pioq, Jerrry and other friends are coming. Jerry as you know will be the gracious host again (we don't expect sumptuous meal though). Pioq, on one hand, is running TNF 100 in Camsur. Don too. No wonder both are interested to visit Miyamit and good for them. Good news is that 4x4 can now manage to ascend.

Personally, I am excited to see the trail leading to Pinatubo. I have run Miyamit several times last year (sometimes twice in a day) and it will be very exciting to see how the route has evolved now. I just hope the serenity and simplicity have remained which is more likely. Inaccessible place is indicative of primeval state of things.

So if you are one of those interested to run Pinatubo 100 and want to join this trek, just holler. Everyone will have to be self-sufficient though.

An interesting article on the possibility of sub 2-hour marathon: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-12933932. If I get this right, one has to run a perfect pace of 2 mins and 50 seconds per kilometer just to break the 2-hour barrier. What a feat!

Jon (curious to assess his climbing strength now)


  1. Hi, Atty. Jon.
    Wency here. I am curious - and interested - about your trek this Saturday. Would you recommend it to newbie hikers like me? I haven't done any serious hiking so I am clueless as to the logistics in doing such an activity. How big should one's hydration bladder be? Do I need hiking poles? Drastic change in weather - change of clothes? So many questions...

    Wait - how far is this?? And you say you'll be done by 12 NN of Saturday (not Sunday, right hehe)? So it's 3 AM to 12 NN? Thanks!

  2. If you can finish 100 miler then you can certainly take on Miyamit. At least 3 liters of water, food of your own choice (bring solid food for "brunch"), headlamp or flashlight since start is 3AM. For clothes, please bring what you'd normally use for BDM102. No need for poles unless you want to bring a pair. No sudden change in temperature. Summer is upon us. You may read previous blog posts on Miyamit runs.

    We'll be glad to have you on board. Cheers.

  3. Oh by the way, the distance is roughly 16-18K one way. No, not Sunday. :)

  4. atty jon,

    junar here, i wish i could join your group this weekend, but my time sched here in the office is quite a problem, i would like to know on how to get at miyamit falls..can you please send me thru email(junarsl@yahoo.com) on how to get at the starting point going to miyamit falls-pinatubo from angeles city...

    dakal a salamat...:)

  5. Junar - please check your email.