22 November 2011

CM50 Details and the Official Race Song

New website of CM50:

At the outset, what is a race without a logo? So a huge huge shout out and thanks to our dear friend and Pinoy ultra extraordinaire RICK GASTON (http://365ultra.blogspot.com/) for his generosity, time and effort. Again, thank you! 

CM50 - "a bit of everything"


After much deliberation and in the face of equally powerful songs, the winner is the entry posted in Facebook on 13 November 2011. As a result, he wins a free registration and slot to Clark-Miyamit Falls Trail Ultra 2011. The winner is (drum roll) ...

EARTH (Immediate Music - Believe) nominated by Jerome Lagumbay -

The song simply captures the mix and varied emotions of struggle, victory, strength, chaos, order, confusion, will and perseverance commonly occurring during ultra races. The video even more added depths and texture to it. This will be played throughout the race but specifically during countdown to start of the race. So congratulations Jerome!



with DNF Challenge

50 miles and 60K
27 November 2011, Sunday
1:30AM - Race Briefing
2AM - Start for all categories
Duration: 2AM to 6PM for 50 miles
                 2AM to 5PM for 60K
Time barrier: 16 hours for 50 miler
                        15 hours for 60K
(All runners must be able to reach Miyamit Falls on or before 11AM or they will not be allowed to continue.)
Start/Finish line: Clark Parade Ground, Tennis Court Area (venue of Fat Ass),  Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines


This is an out-and-back course. There are several trail routes connecting Clark to Miyamit. We have taken great care to choose the trail path that is safe but challenging and away from residential areas. However, there are some areas where runners will have no choice but to pass through human communities like the Aetas at Miyamit. The course has a bit of everything - falls, hills, mountains, trees, wild animals (civets for instance), cool/hot weather, a mix of gravel road, loose rocks, fire trail, lahar, water crossing, dirt road, single track and partly asphalt road (mainly connecting road). If it rains then include mud as well. The entire Miyamit course is very hilly with grade of up to 35% or even higher. The course will certainly keep you on your toes.We hope all the runners would enjoy it as much as we did.


- fully-charged, working MOBILE PHONE with numbers of the organizer - +639175660106 Globe or
- HEADLAMP as the race starts at 2AM. Powerful headlamps are advisable in trail running.
- WATER RESERVOIR (hydration pack, hand-held bottles, etc.) - 500 ml at least for 60K
                                                                                                    - 1000 ml at least for 50 miles
- WATER CUPS, glass, etc. NOTE: No cups will be served at any aid station.
All these items will be checked before runners can claim his race bib. Incomplete gear, no run.

A huge thanks also to Simon Sandoval for preparing the maps and elevation profiles for both categories. Salamat!
50 miler turn around point is close to Mt. Pinatubo

60K - that sharp curve at the end is going down and up the Falls 


Due to inherent difficulty of the course and the issue on accessibility, there are only four (4) Aid Stations. All stations will serve :

Coke, Mountain Dew,
Magnolia "Chuckie" chocolate drinks
boiled eggs,
iodized salt,
peanut butter and jam, and

Additional fuel and fluid may be added during the race.

KM23 in Miyamit is the main Aid Station (resort-looking) will serve pasta of either tuna or authentic Spanish sardines in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and fresh parsley starting 8AM or earlier. As a rule, no cups or glasses will be available in all aid stations. Paper plates and recyclable utensils will be used for the pasta.

Distance between aid stations are approximate. So plan or adjust accordingly.
KM12 - located at the Stone Creek dry river bed called "Pabalagbagan" before making a left turn to a hilly single track.

KM20 - located by the lone white house (with trucks parked by it) just a few meters before going down the Pasig-Potrero River or PP River for brevity. One should be able to see the long elevated SCTEX bridge (the 2nd bridge and not the 1st one which is shorter) on the left approaching the River.

KM23- is the main Aid Station inside a resort-looking area right after the Aeta community. It is on your left. You cannot miss it.

KM29 - at the junction to the Falls and the peak. For those doing the 50 miler, it is strongly suggested they fuel up before heading to the peak.

All Aid Stations can only be accessed by 4x4 off road or similar vehicles.

POST-RACE MEAL will be served at the Finish Line.


Runners will have access to their drop bags at the main Aid Station (KM23). Drop bags will have to be deposited before the Race Briefing at 1:30AM. It should be sturdy to withstand travel on rough road. Race organizer will not be responsible for breakage or spoilage or similar occurrence.


Allowed but runners will have to carry the same for the entire duration of the race.


It must be worn in front and visible at all times. Runners have the privilege to pre-select their race numbers. 50-mile runners have special race bib which contains their first name on it.

NOTE: Race bib numbers 1, 2 and 3 for both male and female categories are reserved for next year's edition of CM50. These are exclusive to those who will earn it after the race on Sunday.


They are not allowed. CM50 Trail Ultra is about independence, self-reliance, perseverance and confidence.


For 50-mile runners, they must get two (2) ribbons - one at Falls and the other at the peak. 50-MILE RUNNERS HAVE THE OPTION WHETHER TO GO TO THE FALLS BEFORE OR AFTER HEADING TO THE PEAK.

For 60K, 1 ribbon only which is available at the Falls. In both cases, incomplete or no ribbon is DNF. So please, protect and/or keep your ribbon/s safe throughout the race.


All runners will receive a singlet with the logo designed by Rick Gaston and a medal. 50-mile runners however will receive a special singlet (aside from the medal) with an additional logo at the back as stamp of their toughness like this (still needs some improvement but you get the idea):


1. Course is fully marked with yellow ribbons, flag poles and/or reflectorized sticker/paper. Runners are advised to follow the markings and backtrack if one gets lost. Remember to look for "confidence marking" right after an intersection or junction to confirm proper headings. You should be able to see one after a few meters. 
2. Littering is absolutely prohibited and is a ground for outright disqualification.
3. Runners must sign the waiver and be able to present the mandatory gear and deposit slip before claiming the race bib.
4. Support vehicles and outside aid/help are only allowed at Aid Stations but not at any part of the course. They should take caution not to impede, block or disrupt the operation of the aid station or the ingress and egress of runners.  Help outside of aid station is also a ground for disqualification unless in case of emergency.  At such event, the RD  should be notified immediately of the accident, the name of the runner involved in the accident, place and the one who is extending assistance.
5. Additional details will be announced during the race briefing.


RD Jon
Asst. RD Jerry


  1. Wasn't able to prepare for this as news came in late, but next year... :)

  2. You are welcome Jon! Being an RD is almost a thankless job:) Congratulations. I hope the race goes very well my friend.