12 November 2011


I am happy to note that the trail route for the Clark-Miyamit Falls trail race (CM50 miler and 60K) is now complete. This early morning, Don, Jerry, Pioq and myself have finally connected all the dots of the course. It basically follows the footpath of the locals mainly Aetas from Clark to Miyamit and vice-versa. The trail route will take runners from Clark Parade Ground, Donggwang hills, Stone Creek (Sapang Bato), up the dirt road covering the sugar cane plantation, down to the expansive Pasig-Potrero River (river crossing) below SCTEX bridge (fondly called by Don and Pioq as "London Bridge"), enter a secret path, up to Crow Creek (Sapang Uwak), stream crossing, passing through the Aetas community, then, and here is where the fun begins, up to Miyamit Falls and the peak and back to Clark.

This trail route will have a bit of everything - dirt road, rocks, lahar, river, creeks, stream, trees, falls, mountains, never-ending hills and cool weather in the morning, sun at noontime, great view etc. All runnable except the steepest portions which runners will find out for themselves. Challenging but doable.

We have also identified a perfect place for our main aid station (aside from the Start/Finish) located in Miyamit around 22 kilometers from the start. Here it is:

Nice view on the right. Complete amenities like CR, etc.

Another section of the trail route which I particularly like is the secret path going back to Clark. It is the descending maze-like path of perhaps 200-300 meters between Stone Creek (cane sugar farm) and the River. Entering it is like passing through a tunnel and at the end of it is the magnificent and expansive view of the "London Bridge" and the Pasig-Potrero River. Breathtaking. Strangely liberating. Runners need not be concerned of the river crossing as it is neither deep nor wide. We plan to put up a maskeshift bridge or perhaps leave it as it is to add challenge to runners. This is a trail race anyway. (Sorry for the misaligned pictures. Will fix it soon)

SCTEX bridge fondly called "London Bridge"

Don, Jerry and Pioq

Also, we have marked the areas where the aid stations will be put up. They are located strategically and all accessible to vehicles since runners might want some support from their team, friends and/or relatives.

Trail map, coordinates or directions to the aid stations and what to serve (menu) and other details of the race will be made available next week to qualified runners. So please visit this blog regularly. In the meantime, train smart and well.

Jon (at ease now and is betting on Pacquiao for tomorrow's boxing fight :)

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