28 November 2011


A huge THANK YOU to all the runners who moved heaven and earth to reach the finish line and to those who attempted to do so. Above all, the crew/marshals who did a fantastic job as well as to our friends and supporters. Salamat! Below are the stats and results...

For 50-miler, there were 16 runners who registered and only 5 finished. Finishing rate is pegged at 31.25% or attrition rate of 69.75%.

For the 60K, 16 runners also signed up but only 9 finished which yields a finishing rate of 56.2%or attrition rate of 43.8%.


      BIB                   NAME                              TIME           RANKING   NATIONALITY

1.     4            SIMON SANDOVAL           13:28 (CR)        1               PHIL
2.     99         JEROME LAGUMBAY       14:01                  2               PHIL
3.     68         JAEL WENCESLAO          14:44                  3               PHIL
4.     10         NOEL HERNANDEZ          15:43:30                              PHIL
5.     160       FRANCISCO LAPIRA        15:43:53                             PHIL
NOTE: CR is course record and no CR for female category.


       BIB                 NAME                                  TIME             RANKING   NATIONALITY

1.     9           JULIE GREEN  (F)                   9:14 (CR)             1                AUS
2.    16          JOSE DE VERA                      11:00:00 (CR)      1                PHIL
3.     54         ABET HENSON                      11:00:02                2                PHIL
4.     60         ROMULO DOCTOLERO       11:25                      3                PHIL
5.     84         PEN NEPOMUCENO (F)       12:09                      2                PHIL
6.     42         JAMES ROLDAN                    13:32                                        PHIL
7.     00         RONNEL GO                            14:23                                        PHIL
8.     88         FRANCIS GOPEZ                   14:27                                         PHIL
9.     15         RUBEN ACEBEDO II             14:56                                         PHIL
Top finishers have earned and rightly so, to wear the elusive Race Bib Nos. 1, 2, 3 next year.

Race report (RD's cut) soon...

Recover well.

RD Jon


All CM50 runners who crossed the finish line (whether within or outside the cut-off time), please email me your complete mailing address. Thanks.   


  1. no, n,o no atty. jon, thank you! the cm60k is easily the most awesome ultra or trail race i've ever joined!

    from the route and afar, grandiose views of the mountains with the river snaking through and around them, mountains carpeted by lush greens barely touched by kaingin, and climaxing with the gorgeous miyamit falls up close. took our time swimming in cold water and photo-ops at the falls, which turned-out to be a tourist spot. sweet.

    the amount and variety of food and the drinks at the aid stations was just incredible - sweet watermelons, peanut butter and jelly, cookies, pasta, with plates and utensils, it felt like a party whenever runners converge. for the first time in a race, ended up 1) staying at aid stations for up to 30mins just hanging out with other runners, and 2) running with a peanut butter/jelly sandwich on one hand and a bottle of softdrinks on the other after leaving an aid station, and did this three times.

    plus the impressive details of organization - flags, ribbons and directions every few meters, strings/banderitas to block us from cliffs, friendly marshalls in tents, chairs at aid stations, on-time start, awesome logo, quality finisher's shirt, an official soundtrack, timely and detailed information. talk about raising the bar.

    variety in terrain was remarkable - lahar, streams, boulders, single-track, technical sections, sand, uphells and steep descents. now if only the drizzle turned into serious rain just long enough for mud sections.

    enjoyed it so much, almost didn't make the cut-off. can't wait for your next trail race.

    congratulations and cheers!


  2. Congratulations, Team Capitan! So proud of you guys!