10 December 2013

2014 FAT ASS Guidelines


Happy Holidays, folks!

Here we go again! Below are guidelines and other useful information. Please read them carefully. READ before you start asking questions, commenting or flaming thereby adding more wrinkles to your already weather-beaten face (especially if you are a mountain ultrarunner :) Most likely all the details you need are all written in here. If you can't find what you are looking for, then maybe, just maybe you are in the wrong blog? Haha, just ribbin you folks. Seriously, you can email us at fatassphils@gmail.com. We don't want your vital statistics unless you are in the PEOPLE'S top 20 (yup, you've read it right. Not 50 or even 100) gorgeous males and females :) 


Categories: 24, 12 and 6 hours (NO MORE 36 hours, tiring but we admire those who did it :)
When:              4-5 January 2014
Start: (If it could be helped, no irregular start time please)
                                                 Start: 24 hours- 6AM of 04 January to 6AM of 05 January 2014
                                                          12 hours - 6AM or 6PM of 04 January 2014
                                                            6 hours - 6AM, 12 noon and 6PM of 04 January or 12 midnight of  05 January 2014
6January 2013
Where: Clark Parade Ground, Clark Freeport Zone, Philippines (Did you say where? Go and Google it or ask your friendly Brgy. Tanod or police :)
Course: Asphalt and grass loop of 2.2kms (No worry - no cow dung ... just dog poops)
Weather: Cool in the evening and morning but hot around noontime (Ever heard of umbrella? No, we don't recommend it unless you want to look dorky:)
Registration fee: not applicable, zero, nada, zilch but if you insist ... 1000 EURO then! 
Awards: FAT ASS KING and QUEEN (minus the fat, as in actual fat or cellulite)
Expected participants: 5,000,000. Haha. ................................... minus four (4) zeros.

NOTE:  Be generous! So don't squander your 13th month pay or holiday gifts. Save up some (measly only) for this event. Why? Read on ...     


Your donation is the lifeblood of this event unless your hosts (us) are the some of the richest people  (still how we wish!) on this side of the planet we call Earth. Depending on the number of runners, we need at least FOUR (4) portalets (hygiene issue) which is tied up to our permit to use the venue. Payment for portalets will be shouldered collectively by the participants through their cash donation. No portalets (they are not cheap!) will mean less number of runners allowed since the comfort room at the Tennis Court can only accommodate so much number of runners. Your donation will also help to pay for 1 timer or clock and the services of our utility boys who make sure everything is in order and to clean the comfort room for 24 hours!

BEST RECORD (We have ditched the term "Course Record" since this is not a race.)

24 hours

Rocky Taylan - 71 loops = 156.2kms (2013)
Aleth Reblora - 48 loops = 105.6kms (2012)

12 hours

Benedict Balaba - 42 loops = 92.4kms (2012)
Daphne Codilla - 34 loops = 74.8kms (2013)

6 hours

Wilnar Iglesia - 27 loops = 59.4kms (2013)
Julie Green - 28 loops = 61.6kms (2012)*  REMAINS UNBROKEN TO THIS DATE

The Map below shows where to park and camp. No camping on the other side of the tennis court. So this means, camping and parking are only allowed on the left of the tennis court when facing it from the Parade.


This is not your typical race (this is not even a race) where you pay for the registration fees, run the distance you choose and get some rewards as a matter of right like medals or shirts or both after the race. Fat Ass is basically an organized run. It is pretty summed up in: NO FEES, NO AWARDS, NO AID, NO WIMPS (http://www.coolrunning.com.au/fatass/joeoakes.shtml). May we add also, NO WHINING, NO PRESSURE, NO HASSLE. And since no fee is collected to join this event, participants should think twice before comparing or complaining. Even the donation you want to make does not give rise to any demandable right as it is basically done on your own volition. Thus, all prior thoughts, concepts or comparison of what Fat Ass is to a race should be banished from one’s mind. What we can guarantee though are CAMARADERIE and FUN!
DIRECTION & LOOP: Start of the run for 24-hour runners will be counterclockwise and every 6 hours, runners will have to reverse their loop. Runners joining the 12 and 6 hour runs, will be in counterclockwise and clockwise directions, respectively. In this way, all runners will be going the same direction and can pace or keep each other's company. Most importantly, this direction will have the sun behind the runners. The loop (see image below) is covered by trees on both sides. 
COURTESY TO NON-FAT ASS RUNNERS USING THE SAME LOOP: Clark Parade Ground is a public place and thus, there will be non-FAT ASS runners using the same loop during the early morning and late afternoon of Saturday and even more on the 2nd day (Sunday). These are locators, residents, non-competitive runners (who perhaps have never joined a race) and joggers who just want to exercise. Some of the runners will be with their family and children playing and/or out on a picnic at the same venue. Please be courteous when passing them. A simple "Excuse me" or "Passing" will suffice. Do not be rude. We do not want any complaint from them and risk subsequent editions of FAT ASS being banned. The sight, however, of these joggers, children, sports enthusiasts, et. al. will lend a family-feel to our event and make you run stronger, faster. At least, that was our experience. Who knows these non-FAT ASS runners might be motivated to take up running as part of their lifestyle when they see us having fun.

Moreover, we will not tolerate unruly, disruptive, annoying and/or noisy behavior during the event. Team or group leaders are advised to watch over their teammates and friends. Anyone found violating this courtesy rule will be bodily removed from the venue and banned from subsequent editions of Fat Ass.

Anyone found guilty of this will be skewered big time! :) 

KEEP THE NOISE DOWN: You, your friends and crew can hold a BBQ party (the smell of which makes every runner salivate :), have a few drinks and have fun but keep the volume low. No rowdy and unruly behavior. This is self-explanatory. While you are at it, cheer on the runners as they pass by.

KEEP THE AREA CLEAN: Used gel wraps and other garbage/litters must be disposed of properly. We should know any better. All runners and crew must clean the area where they camped after the event. You are to bring your own trash bags. BE CAREFUL NOT TO START GRASSFIRE!!! 

RUNNING AT NIGHT: Some sections of the loop are not well lit. Runners may want to bring their headlamps as the loop is uneven asphalt lane. Please be careful at night by watching your footing.

RUN “nickname” BIB: All runners are required to provide and create their own unique run bib with their nickname (not numbers!) before the event. Bib is uniform in size: 10x6 inches of any material (except paper because it will dissolve in sweat, duh :). RED nickname for 24 hours, BLUE for 12 hours and GREEN for 6 hours on a white background. This must be worn at all times. You are free to design your bib any way you want it just incorporate the basics.  SO BE CREATIVE. The reason for this is simply to carry on the tradition of FAT ASS for the past years and that is camaraderie. In the last editions, we almost all knew each other's name. We cannot achieve this however if we are all strangers during this edition. Again, your bib will contain your nickname in the designated color. No run bib, no run policy will be enforced.

CHECKPOINT: There will be only 1 checkpoint. Runners' loops will be recorded on log sheets. Log sheets will be the official records. All runners will log in their time/loop every time they reach the checkpoint. All entries will be countersigned by the organizer or authorized staff. Entries with no countersign of the organizers will not be counted. Please call the attention of the organizer or any of the volunteers on this. So it will be the primary responsibility of each runner to make their loops official and counted. No "dagdag-bawas" or padding :) Otherwise, you are in the wrong venue. Go away and join politics instead!

MUSIC: Just like last year, a sound system blaring energetic/rock/lively/tempo songs will be played for 24-hours especially during the late evening and wee hours in the morning. If you want any song included, please bring your music or songs during the event. Discretion will be exercised by the organizer. "My Way" is banned here :)
FOOD & FLUID DONATION: Runners are encouraged to donate foods and fluids. These will be placed on a table near the checkpoint. All donations will be duly recorded and acknowledged. Please call our attention before doing so. NOTE: The foods and fluids on the table are not meant to sustain the runners during the entire duration of his chosen event. These are just "additions". For emphasis, runners will be responsible to bring their own food for himself and his crew/friends, if any, for the entire duration of the run. Please observe this rule properly. Also, the organizer reserves the right to manage this donation as they deem fit for the benefit of the runners especially those on longer events.

CASH DONATION: Ideally, it should be done before the event. This way we can order the necessary items and equipments (venue and permits fees, tents, timer, tents, chairs, etc.) and settle the expenses also. For those who want to donate in advance, please use this: Jonnifer M. Lacanlale, Security Bank, Acct. No. 0273-442218-200. or BPI account no. 8763-0144-61. Thank you. Others can donate during the event proper. Just like in the past events, we will provide donation box and log book.

PACER: Pacers are NOT allowed. Only registered Fat Assers can run along with co-Fat Assers but they are prohibited to carry anything for the runner to encourage self-sufficiency. No need to carry anything anyway since it is only a 2.2k loop. Trekking poles are allowed. Haha.
BANDIT: Bandits are not allowed. Please respect the event. Or else we call in the cops! :) 

TENT: Runners can put up their own tents if they so wish ideally in the designated area as shown in the map. Several tents however will be put up and runners can use them. Please share the same with other runners as these are limited in numbers. Keep your privacy, private :)

RESTROOM & PORTALETS: The Tennis Court restroom will be opened. Per Clark regulation, we are also required to provide at least four (4) portalets due to the number of Fat Assers in this edition. So thank you. Do we need to tell the guys not to pee beside a tree or anywhere else for that matter? Please use the restroom and portapotties properly.

BREAK: Runners can always take a break and even sleep but should bring their own sleeping mat, etc. Organizers do not mind how you spend your breaks. You can watch a movie, play casino (others did this!), crosstrain like biking, swimming, shop at the duty free stores, etc. We do not mind at all. It is your call. Runners who take a break and leave the designated loop will have to return to the same spot before proceeding again. If your break will take longer as usual, please advise the organizer accordingly.

PARKING LOT: The designated parking lot is the only area where all runners and their respective crew should park their own vehicles which is very convenient for runners. This is just a few feet away from the checkpoint.

SECURITY: Please do not be lax. Always secure your belongings even if you are in the company of fellow runners. It is your obligation to protect your properties even if there are security guards in the area. Organizer, crew and volunteers will not be answerable for loss or damage to Fat Assers' properties.
GEAR: It is cold during the night and early morning and hot during noon time in January. So plan accordingly. 1 or 2 piece is allowed :)

LAST LOOP BEFORE CUT-OFF TIME: The last completed loop before the cut-off time for each category will be considered as the official recorded loop. Uncompleted loop will not be counted.

WAIVER: As standard in all Fat Ass runs of this nature, all participants will sign a waiver before running. Runners are advised to come at least 30 minutes before their chosen event to register and sign the waiver. No waiver, no run policy will be imposed. You must print and bring your own waiver, duly accomplished and signed by you before running the event. So by individual. Format of the waiver can be found below. No waiver, no run policy in effect. Please print in A4 size bond paper.

DRINKING BOTTLES, CUPS, ETC: To avoid unnecessary trash during the event, runners will have to bring their own bottles, cups (for coffee), etc. and use them for refill. We have seen too many plastic litters (cups, bottles) during and after running events. It is time to help the environment.

RUNNING CLUBS' BANNERS/TARPAULINS: Running clubs or groups whose members are joining the event may hoist their banners near the checkpoint for promotional purposes. Please coordinate with the organizer before doing this. Banners of corporate sponsors will have to be approved by race organizers.

YEARLY COMMEMORATIVE SHIRT: If you order, please make sure you secure and pay for it. Or better still think before you place your order. Past editions have seen orders not being paid for by runners. We don't want that to happen again, do we? Here is the sizing chart:


MONETARY DONATION FOR UTILITY PERSONNEL: Please feel free to donate cash for our at least four (4) hired utility boys. Just like the last 4 editions, we pooled our resources just so we could pay them justly as they were up the whole 24 hours and beyond. It made our jobs easier and the runners happier. Please note that they would be away from their families and in essence, working. Their tasks are to clean the area during and after the event, run some errands, bring back the site into its original condition which includes dismantling what needs to be dismantled, etc. Thus, it is only just and proper that they should be reasonably paid. Names of donor will be duly acknowledged and again, organizer reserves the right to manage the donation as they deem fit.

So see you soon!


Here is the format - WAIVER



(4-5 January 2014)



I, the undersigned, affirm that I participate in this run at my own risk, that there will be no support available except where provided by myself, no route markings, no marshals and no medical personnel in attendance and that I cannot hold my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else, responsible for any accident, injury or death sustained by anyone, anywhere or any property lost, stolen or damaged.
I know that the run may traverse uneven asphalt road around the Clark Parade Ground with minimal lighting during the night and accept I could get hurt, lost, dehydrated, injured or could even die. I fully accept this on my own behalf. In fact I will thoroughly ENJOY the prospect of suffering blisters, cramps, trashed quads, thunderstorms, lightning strike, heatwave, and other entertainment that can be associated with running.
I understand that even if I am an extremely experienced athlete, I may still not be fit enough to complete the course in daylight hours and that my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else need not wait for me to complete my run at the designated finishing spot. I have been advised to take some money and have my own support crew to look after me and my needs. I confirm that I have not left any belongings of any value with my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else whilst I am out running, and anything I may have left with them can be left unattended at the designated finishing spot if I fail to arrive there before they leave.
I believe I am fit enough to do and start this run – and complete it - or else I have the capabilities to get back to civilisation or my support crew, and that I am responsible for myself and the cost of any search and/or rescue if I become lost or suffer any medical problem (whether I know about it at the start of this run or not). I understand that my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else may not initiate any search/rescue if I do become lost or fail to arrive at the designated finishing spot.
In particular I guarantee that I will not bring any legal action in any regard to this run - I realise that my fellow runners, those who advertise the run or anyone else involved in the run or anyone else are NOT organising an event or race and that this is a joint endeavour by all who take part. I understand that there are NO organisers of this run and that each participant is responsible for being there and for their own actions – and therefore any legal action cannot be directed at any one person or group. If I wanted to have someone responsible then I would have run in a recognised event elsewhere. This is not to say I will not bitch or use strong language, I expect to do so during runs of this tough a calibre – regardless of whether I get injured, run poorly, run slow, puke, get lost or just plain don't like this Fat Ass run. I understand this is just a part of the experience of real running.
I confirm that I have had time to fully read and understand this waiver, even if it does limit my legal rights, and that I have not been pressured to sign this – I do so of my own free will, in a sane mind.
Printed complete name :                                                               Signature :              
Date of birth :
Email :
Contact No:















  1. 6 Hrs
    Richal Paul Maling
    Jessica Tiu-Laurel
    Michelle De Ocampo
    James Lee Escasinas
    Andrew Llanes

    12 Hrs
    Cameron Cabanlig


  3. Name: Cyril Magajes
    Nickname: Cy
    Category: 6 hours

  4. Name: Cyril Magajes
    Nickname: Cy
    Category: 6 hrs

  5. Folks, do you mind revisiting the guidelines above on how to register?

  6. hi atty...reg form for 6 hrs cat is unupdated ( for 2013)...thanks! jason.

  7. Thanks Jon for this much-awaited post on the guidelines. I have already visited the registration link and registered for 12 hours. The other Runnin8 m3n for others will be registering too. Maraming Salamat at Maligayang Pasko.

  8. Guys am trying to register for 6 hrs. Why are the dates Jan 5-6? Sunday Monday? Pero sa guidelines Jan 4 and 5? Thanks..

  9. Name: Roy Orpiano
    Category: 6hrs

    See you!

  10. Sir pwede pa po ba mag register 6 hrs lang po