30 January 2023

Mt. Ugo Race & Boss Ironman


Alright, the FIRE in me is back!!! 👍 

After the CMU race of 21k, I felt good although my quads were shot 2 days after. I was not surprised they were. I did not do any trail run prior to the race! I laughed at myself every time I descended a stair mumbling something like, "Shit, my quads hurt! Idiot, what do you expect?! You have not done any trail run prior to the race, you dumbass!" Then after a week, I was looking for another race to feel the pain again. LOL 😁

So, I have decided to join this year's Mt. Ugo Marathon by my good friend and race director, Jonel Mendoza. This is the first trail race (I think) in a series of races culminating to Hardcore Hundred miles or H1 for short. Yes, 160kms! Arguably, the hardest 100-mile race on this side of the planet. 

I have done H1 in 3 consecutive rows. In 2013, I finished 2nd and after my 3rd finish, I was inducted in the Hall of Fame and never went back. Why? It is a sufferfest! :) Believe me. I found my race report here during my first finish. It was nice to relive the memories. 

Let us see what happens next. For sure, I'll be back in May for H1 but not as a runner. As pacer for a good friend. In a way, it is my own unique way of paying it forward. I do remember that a few years ago, another good friend of mine took on the challenge to run H1. I was supposed to pace but he quit mid-race. I was pissed off because I was planning to use that pacing duties as training run. Oh well, no use bitching about it, is it? So, we drank instead to drown his sorrow and to forget about the whole damn thing! Also, he never went back. Just like my 1st run, his race was also made difficult with rain at the start of the race. Nasty 💥


Now as a rider, I will be joining the Boss Ironman on February 24-26, 2023. 1,200 plus kilometers to cover several major provinces in Luzon and it should be done within 24 hours. Date is almost upon us.

Am I ready? Oh yes! And I am saying that with all humility. James has covered almost 27,000kms and counting. Lots of riding experience there but I am sure, there are others who have covered more distance than me.

For added confidence, we will be doing a practice night ride on February 4 starting at 10PM. Sort of a simulation for the actual BOSS ride covering as shorter distance of around 700kms from Clark, Baguio, Ambuklao, Kayapa, Baler, Bongabon, and back in Clark. Something like that.

As an added practice also, I regularly ride James from home-work-home (more or less 14 kms total in a day. Day start and finishing at night during rush hours) just to maintain or hone my street riding skills. During the actual BOSS ride, riders will pass through several towns and cities, and I think this skill is very critical. You know that skill to weave in and out of traffic and have that tip-top mental alertness to avoid accident. Riding on highways is pretty much straightforward but not on busy streets especially here in Philippines. Bloody chaotic! 😬👿

'Til next time!


Jon (missing playing golf)

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