07 August 2020


Hey folks!

Yeah, I am still around :) 

I was inspired to write this short post after reading the article at TRAIL RUNNER  about Courtney Dauwalter's attempt of FKT at Colorado Trail. After reading that article, I instinctively headed back to my previous race report on Hardrock 100 which is also in Colorado.

Trailrunning, I think running in general now, has taken a deep nose dive lately due to this covid pandemic. Almost all races now are cancelled and have gone "virtual". Even CM50 here for its 10th year will most likely be cancelled. Too bad but what can I do. This is the first time the race will not be hosted. Even if I decide to push through with the race, I highly doubt it whether I can get a permit and/or to make runners, both international and local, come due to health issues involved. As of this writing, the Philippine government has banned foreigners from coming to our country with some exceptions though. 

I cannot subscribe to the philosophy holding CM50 just for the sake of holding it. The situation now is totally different and should be taken with all seriousness. At the very least, we should empathize with fellow runners. Besides, most runners now will think twice about spending on other "non-essential" stuff. Life now calls for frugality.

Some of my friends still do run it seems as seen in their FB posts on those very "rare" occasions that I do check my account. I am just too loathe now to even bother to peek on a regular basis. I would not have bothered to open an account had it not for CM50 but that is another story.

I still run here and there mostly to stay fit and am sure I have gained a few pounds due to lack of races. In my experience, joining trail races is the best way, for me at least, to lose or maintain some weight. The harder and longer, the better. Imagine the amount of time training and the calories spent prior to a race and during the race itself. Sometimes, post race seems hard on the appetite as well. Even a marathon distance alone can use up a 2-days worth of calories! Awesome is it not?

So to offset the lack of races, I normally eat twice a day - brunch and then dinner. Occasional intermittent fasting of at least 16 hours. There was even a time I did not eat anything for 24 hours. I just did not feel like eating anyway. Who said you have to eat 3 meals a day? That is a load of crap, in my opinion, to fatten oneself. Better rule is eat when hungry only. Eating when hungry has more pleasurable gastronomical experience. You seem to enjoy food better that way. I always tell my kids that they will enjoy food better when they are famished. So it is sending a message in a way that being hungry is not bad in itself.

At any rate, I do not know how long these restrictions on travel, races, etc. will last. From all indications, however, we are all in for a long haul. 

Notwithstanding, if there is one best thing that ultrarunning has taught me and that is positive mental attitude. I always see a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how bleak the present condition is. 

Folks, things will get better eventually.

Oh by the way, it is INTERNATIONAL BEER DAY today. Cheers!

While having a beer, you might want to read this article. Hilarious. Do not forget to read the comments as well :)


Jon (will keep on running regardless of ...)


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