03 November 2022

On James, Running and The Red Pill

Hey, hey, hey! (As my daughter Sophia is wont to say)

Geez, it's been more than 2 years since I posted my last article here and how time flies! So many things have happened since that last article, notable of which is the Covid or the pandemic. In hindsight, I think the Philippine government might have overreacted its response to it but that is something I refuse to delve into here. There were also the dissolution of the former law firm (not yet over), deaths of my father and my trusted trail henchman, friend and bro, Darwin Bulatao, my best friend, Ricky having a near death experience (Jesus Christ on the three!), cessation of running activities (but I kept running just the same in some backyards), 3 years of no CM50, and obviously, pandemic affected most businesses. 

I was, however, delighted to visit my children in Berlin last Holiday season after 2 years!

With Sophia, Nathan, and Patricia at our favorite Viet resto

Marcus going to school

With Sophia en route to my flight back

Too cold while running

With Ricky

Darwin (RIP)

With erpat (RIP) out fishing

Things are, however, picking up now which is to be expected and good. This reminds me of my ancestors who, while they were alive, kept saying some mumbo jumbo crap when I was a kid - "Ang buhay ay parang gulong lang. Minsan nasa taas ka at minsan nasa ibaba ka." In English, life is like a tire or wheel. Sometimes, you are up there and sometimes, you are below. It simply means that life will give you a chunk size of happiness or beautiful moments but expect the equivalent downturns (e.g. Covid) as well. At my age now, I completely understand where my old folks were coming from after having had my own fair share of ups and downs. We all do.

Anyhow, I am reviving this blog and hopefully, I could get to post a fresh article at least twice a month. Well, the operative word is hopefully. Do I get to earn too? :)


This is basically a gist of my adventures with naked bike James (2021 CB1000R). I have spent more than 22,000 kilometers on this beautiful piece of machine since August of 2021 and it was, to say the least, an exhilarating experience! Talk about the adrenaline rush! Wind hitting your body while at a speed of more than 200kms/hr (for a few seconds only) is indescribable and unnerving. I have done racing circuits too! In fact, I get bored easily riding a car now unless it is necessary to do so. Anyway, you have to ride yourself to understand what I am saying. 

I, some friends and our group Honda Elite/Team Bomba have been to different places notably, Bicol region, Sorsogon, Sagada via Tagudin Cervantes route, Baguio, Tagaytay, La Union, Mindoro, Baler, etc. The list of places will keep expanding obviously. All these places offer some of their own unique and beautiful landscape which Philippines has plenty to offer. Visayas and Mindano too! Next big ride will be the Boss Ironman in 2023, which reminds me to stay tuned for date when the registration opens. The slots do get sold fast!

Say hello to James!

I can say for sure though that for the last 3 years or so, we have seen a phenomenal rise in the number of big bikes (400cc and up) on the road. Scooters and other small bikes have been there for a while though. It looks like we will see more bikes both on the road and trail (something on my radar too).

Not only do I use James for adventures or road trips, but he tags along as well (or is it the other way around?) going to work like attending court hearings and commuting to office. There was one time when we (James and I) were on SCTEX coming from a court appearance in Justice Hall in Angeles City when a small sedan was tailing me. Not only it was dangerous but annoying as well. I was not sure what the driver was doing but I was pretty sure he could have easily overtaken me or at least occupied the other lane. 

Coming into a curve, I decided to slow down purposely and waved at the car to speed up forward so I could enjoy my ride alone. Well, you could say I could have pulled away easily but was in no mood. Just chilling. Instead, he moved parallel to me, open his side window (right front window to be exact), smiled (the smile that seems to convey both apology and permission) and waved his camera or it could have been a phone. Perhaps, he had not seen a rider in suit on a motorbike much like the GDR

A male client of mine warns me of the dangers of riding to which I pondered silently - Happiness is not free. On the contrary, it comes with a cost or risks in this case. Our oft repeated saying in ultrarunning, "If it is easy, anyone can do it" seems applicable here as well. I mean if it's your time, then it's your time. If, however, that fear will hold you back to experience something remarkable to you, then I'd say, just do it. Fear, amongst men, should be tamed. Take some risks. The worse that can happen to you is forever wonder what might have been. And I am telling you now, there is no answer to that only the feeling of regret. 

I read this in the book below, which to my mind, is apt -

"Our great risk in life is not that we aim too high and fail, but we aim too low and succeed."     

I could not possibly afford to write all the details of each ride, which is always unique on its own. Too taxing and possibly boring for too long. So, here are some pictures of those rides instead to make you salivate :) There are more but you know this is not some Instagram or a photo book of sort. In fact, it takes me hours to post just one blog article.   

Yes, you could say I have been damn around.


There is one road race this last week of November called Clark City Marathon something (No, I have not checked the website yet. Shame.) and a trail race on the first week of December called Cordillera Mountain Ultra or CMU that I have both registered for. Nope, I am not running the 50km for this trail run. Not yet ready. Just the 21K ... for the time being and the road race is also 21K, which is what we call a training race leading to the main race, CMU. 

I am slowly easing into trail running and eventually, ultra races most likely next year. While I have not stopped running, races are different especially ultras. It is just the appetite or fire is not quite there yet. Hopefully by next year, I could join the Lavaredo. Unfortunately, the registration is already closed. Dang. Anyway, let us see what we can replace that with. I was registered for Lavaredo before the pandemic and paid the registration fee. Unfortunately, I and other Pinoy runners could not go because of strict quarantine procedures. It sucks.


This one book that most men should read. Controversial yet eye opening. I wish I knew the content of the book when I was, ahem, single. At any rate, I hope you guys get to hold of this. One day, I will introduce this to my sons ... soon. I have read several books on this topic (myriad actually) but this one below is on another level. If there was one book, I'd recommend this one for sure. Perhaps, us gents can start a group or whatever here locally. Well, let's see. If you have read this book or related books, chime in the comment section or message me directly. 

Alright, that is just about it for now. I have a few more topics in mind but perhaps on the next blog post. Time to rest!

(Growing a beard and wishing for a fruitful yet challenging 2023. I know it's not yet New Year for wishes but what the heck) 


  1. Good to see you back in blogging Atty Jon! Looking forward to next edition of MF42 or CM50 :)

    Cheers and stay safe!

  2. Only those that try Succeed it’s the journey that matters

  3. Though I’m not a male but I’d love to read this bookšŸ˜Š nice article Atty. Jon. More please:-)